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There is no network like the No one brings together food and culture content like we do. Support and you support the most progressive voice for food and culture radio in America. is committed to archiving, protecting, and advancing our country's rich food culture through programs that give voice to America's leading food professionals, farmers, policy experts, artists, and tastemakers.

The marriage between radio and Internet allows us to transmit our message like never before. The Internet gives our followers the choice of when, how, and where they listen.

We have over one million listens a month and reach over 200 countries around the globe. Our social media outlets and podcasts keep our tech savvy listeners engaged, while the easy-to-use website is accessible to all.

All of our shows are entered into a permanent archive creating a database of discussions on food and culture. Our archives provide an enduring record of national culture in its most basic form, food. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that relies on the support of listeners like you!

Our History was launched in 2009 by Patrick Martins, founder of Slow Food USA and of Heritage Foods USA. The station is built into two re-purposed shipping containers dropped into the back yard of Roberta's, a legendary Brooklyn restaurant-the premises of aptly demonstrate the do-it-yourself philosophy of today. Almost every important figure in the American food revolution has been on the network, from Alice Waters to Michael Pollan. We have recorded and broadcasted over 3,000 shows covering a wide array of topics including food, agriculture, politics, design, art, music and much more.

Our Staff

Erin Fairbanks Executive Director And Host of The Farm Report
In 2005, Erin left the Midwest and her post at Zingerman's Deli to try her hand at being a line-cook in New York City. She walked into the kitchen of Savoy offering to peel carrots and didn't leave for two years. Next, she spent time at Gramercy Tavern, initiating their in-house charcuterie program. Then following her passion for pigs she moved north where she spent a year at Flying Pigs Farm, where she directed "Farm Camp at Flying Pigs Farm". In 2011, she launched "No Goat Left Behind," a national project of Heritage Foods USA. After completing her graduate degree in Urban Policy Analysis at The New School for Public Engagement she joined the HeritageRadioNetwork.Org team as Executive Director in the Spring of 2012.

Jack Inslee Executive Producer And Host of Full Service Radio
Jack Inslee knew he wanted to be a producer for as long as he can remember, and has worked in sound and recording his entire life. At 13 years old, he built a home recording studio in Long Island, producing, recording, writing and releasing thousands of songs for himself and dozens of other local artists. In 2008, he graduated New York University's Music Technology program, combining his self-taught production and editing skills with specialized training in recording technology and media. In 2009, Jack joined Heritage Radio Network, helping co-design the studio and developing the initial lineup of programming. In addition to his work in radio, Jack produces records, writes original music and runs Full Service Party, a DJ/production collective that has performed at events and festivals nationwide and curates its own stage at the Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival.

Allison Hamlin Deputy Director
Allison is a ten year veteran of the food service industry, specializing in education and programmatic support for issues surrounding food culture, access and consumption. Allison holds a B.A. in anthropology, history and food systems from the University of Vermont, and is working toward completing a graduate degree in food studies at New York University. Her academic background includes extensive research on terroir, artisan cheese and place-based products. Most recently, Allison worked as the Programming Manager at Astor Center, a recreational beverage-focused educational space in NoHo, where she planned and managed an ongoing curriculum of classes and events on wine, spirits, cocktails and food pairing.

Liz Smith Engineer
Liz is a Midwest native and has been involved in music and recording since she acquired a Talkboy recorder at age 8. After graduating from Lindenwood University with a degree in Sociology, Liz worked in clinical research for a few years until she circled back to music once relocating to New York City. She is nearly finished with her graduate degree in Music Technology from New York University and has most recently spent time working at Electric Lady and Avatar Studios. Liz once met Taylor Hanson (remember MMMBop?) and asked if he'd marry her. He said no.

Jeet Paul Engineer/Audio Editor
One can say my musical journey started at the innocent age of 2, when my mom started taking me for piano lessons. Ever since then, music has been a part of my life in one form or another. I learnt a few instruments, joined the choir, joined a band, eventually started writing music and by the end of high school, I was sure I wanted to go in to music. However, my parents convinced me to take an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and once that was done I made my way to NY to pursue a Masters in Music Tech. I fell in love with recording and the whole production process (something I was very averse to before) and since then I've been recording, mixing an sometimes producing bands. I feel I've found a nice little homely working situation at HRN and really enjoy being part of the team.

HRN Intern Team

Amrita Gupta
Amrita Gupta is a journalist from India who has worked at Time Out Bangalore, Mint Lounge and BBC Good Food. She currently lives, eats and studies food in New York.

Austin Sherman
Austin is a San Francisco native obsessed with all things food and radio related. Throughout her life, Austin has worked at various restaurants, farms, and farmers markets in both California and New York. She currently attends Fordham University studying psychology, and spanish. Austin is excited to join the Heritage Radio Network family, and hopes to hone her radio chops while merging her love for people, food, and story-telling.

Brian Reno
Brian stumbled out of college and, upon discovering his English degree was more marketable as a paper airplane, followed his nose and heart to Murray’s Cheese. Several cheese caves and cheese counters later, Brian is now the Cheese and Specialty Food Buyer at Foragers Market in NYC, as well as a contributing writer to and an active volunteer for the Brooklyn Grange Urban Farm. He still has the paper airplane.

Eliza Loehr
Eliza Loehr graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Paris, France in 2009 and has since been working in restaurants around the world. She currently works as a Chef at Foragers City Table in Manhattan and is a co-founder of HarvestLink ( Eliza is also a graduate of Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Hispanic Studies and an induction into the Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society and while there found a love for Physics and in particular Deep Space Astronomy. Lastly, Eliza, a blog on the intersection of food and culture.

Laura del Campo
Laura began growing food in an urban setting in 2006 while reading for her BA in Philosophy and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. In 2010 she began cooking at elements, Princeton. She turned horse pastures into gardens, and Stonybrook Meadows Farm is now home to breeding hogs, laying hens, rabbit and seasonal produce. Laura received an Advanced Sustainability and Food Policy Certificate from Universita Degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche, Italy. O.U.R. Ecovillage, British Colombia, awarded her a Permaculture Design Certificate and she is currently pursuing a Food Marketing MBA at St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia. She lives in Brooklyn.

Caitlin Pierce
Caitlin grew up in Oklahoma and rural Texas. She attended Pitzer College in Claremont, CA. While there, she studied abroad in Denmark, Ecuador, and South Korea. After a summer teaching in Ghana, she moved to St. Louis, MO to teach high school full time. After three years, she wanted a new adventure, and relocated to New York City to continue her work as a teacher and college counselor. When she finally realized the best part of her job was listening to her students instead of educating them, she changed careers to full time storytelling. As a radio producer, Caitlin has the freedom to learn and talk about topics that interest her most. She shares her passion with high school students through Heritage Radio Network’s Saxelby Radio Scholars program.

Yvette Cabrera
Yvette Cabrera was born in Mexico City, and moved to the United States as a child and grew up in San Diego. At UC Berkeley, she majored in Peace and Conflict Studies with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice (GPP). There she became an ally of the West Oakland food justice group, People’s Grocery and thus began her interest in food issues. Since then, she has worked on organic farms in Argentina and San Diego, interned with the Oakland Food Policy Council, traveled throughout South America, and worked at a farm-to-table restaurant in San Diego. More recently, she has returned from the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic where she worked as a Health volunteer. She is now in the Food Studies Masters Program at NYU and happily lives in Brooklyn!

Board Members

Patrick Martins Founder, Board Member and Host of The Main Course
Patrick Martins was born in New York City's Mount Sinai Hospital on February 10th, 1972 and has lived in the city ever since. Patrick received a Masters' Degree in Performance Studies at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Patrick is the founder of Slow Food USA, Heritage Foods USA, Heritage Radio Network and co-founder of the New York City Trivia Game.

Michael Harlan Turkell
A once aspiring chef and now food culture photographer, was the former photo editor of Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan, where his recurring BACK OF THE HOUSE series appeared in the magazines from five years, and was nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award in Visual Storytelling. Michael's been featured in 25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers V2 (PowerHouse Books), received a Photo District News Photo Annual Award, and is often found photographing for cookbooks.

JoAnn Fleming
JoAnn is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over twenty-five years experience providing accounting, tax and financial services to individuals and small businesses in the creative community. Fleming launched Fleming & Associates CPA in 1992 and the small practice has grown steadily over the years, eventually leading to the opening of a second office in Manhattan in 2001. Fleming expanded her areas of expertise when she became a CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst) and CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner); often working with lawyers as an accounting expert on financial cases. In 2008 & 2010, Fleming sold the accounting division of her practice to focus on her forensic accounting and business valuation business.

Chris Parachini
Chris opened Roberta's Pizza, a restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn, with his business partners Brandon Hoy and Carlo Mirarchi in 2008. Along with Hoy and Mirarchi, Parachini opened Blanca, a 12-seat tasting restaurant that has since earned a Michelin star, in the spring of 2012. In addition to many other projects, Parachini helped establish the Brooklyn Grange, New York City's biggest rooftop farm, and Rippers, a waterfront restaurant in the Rockaways, where he now lives.

Phil Colicchio
Phil Colicchio is a practicing attorney (licensed in NY, NJ and PA) and a founder of the law firm Taylor, Colicchio & Silverman, LLP. He concentrates his practice in the Hospitality Industry, representing the interests of chefs, restaurateurs, investors, hotel owners and management groups, resort developers and operators, as well as sports and entertainment venues. Phil has structured many well known restaurant entities and is an internationally recognized expert on third party food & beverage operation and licensing agreements involving chefs, restaurants and hotels. Phil is also the principal of Colicchio Consulting, LLC, an advisory group dedicated to merging culinary talent with the hotel, sports, music and entertainment industries. He is a consultant to the hospitality training programs at Auburn University and the City of Philadelphia School District, and is an appointed member of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

Our Music

At, we feature all original and independent musicians for our theme songs, break music and post-produced content! If you're interested in having your music featured please email us at

Featured Artists:

  • Knifeshow
  • Jack Inslee
  • Alan Wilkis
  • Bad Dolly
  • Ball of Flame Shoot Fire
  • Bohemia
  • Blind Benny
  • Brothers NYC
  • The California Honeydrops
  • Cherryholmes
  • Fancy Restaurant Records
  • Cookies
  • Cudzoo & The Faggettes
  • Da Willys
  • Dead Stars
  • Dieselboy & Bare
  • EULA
  • Four Lincolns
  • The Hollows
  • Odetta Hartman
  • Idgy Dean
  • Jamie Serow
  • Jen Jayden & The Greenstone
  • Jerome LOL
  • Kitchen Opera Company
  • Kntrlr
  • Michel Nischan
  • Mohegan Son
  • Obey City
  • Pamela Royal
  • Plexophonic
  • The Raunch Hands
  • Rene Lopez
  • Shadowbox
  • Shannon Wurst
  • Snowmine
  • Space Disease
  • Takstar
  • Tom Cruz
  • Wreck Tech

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