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First Aired - 04/03/2012 04:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on Unfiltered, Brian DiMarco is joined by Lorenzo Bakewell-Stone of world renowned port producer, Taylor Fladgate. Learn about what makes port such an accessible wine and how it can be utilized in a variety of refreshing and delicious cocktails. Tune in as they taste Siroco Tonic's and Maria McClarie's on-air and delve into the history of dry white port. This program was sponsored by Barterhouse Wines.

"By sticking to our three prestigious brands, we don't lose sight of quality."

--Lorenzo Bakewell-Stone of Taylor Fladgate on Unfiltered

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First Aired - 04/02/2012 01:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on Let's Eat In, Cathy Erway is joined by of The Perennial Plate, a web documentary series about sustainable food. Tune in to find out what it takes to create a successful internet media outlet and why constant content is key. Hear what makes web-based content different than film or TV and how Daniel Klein & Mirra Fine hope to help people learn how to eat, cook, farm, hunt, and forage local through visual media. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"From my experience of making documentary films, I had a lot of frustration around the time it takes for anything to get seen. You can spend two years making a film, then another year or two promoting it and getting it out there."

"When you're on the internet you have to be putting out content constantly for people to keep revisiting your site."

--Daniel Klein of The Perennial Plate on Let's Eat In

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First Aired - 03/21/2012 11:00AM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis discusses global food trends with award-winning American food, wine and travel writer and photographer Carla Capalbo. Tune in to hear her thoughts on the "new nordic cuisine", and some of the rebel bistros across the world that are garnering attention and acclaim. Find out some of Carla's favorite chefs at the moment and learn about how trends in foraging pickling and fermentation are influencing restaurants globally. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"I'm feeling more and more drawn as an eater to emotional responses. The visual side of food is extraordinarily important, but that doesn't stop me from being totally blown away from a fantastic dish of pasta cooked by somebody's grandmother."

"Real soul food does affect you in all of your parts."

--Carla Capalbo on Taste Matters

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