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First Aired - 05/25/2010 05:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on Beer Sessions Jimmy and Ray sat down with Rachel Wharton, Patrick Donagher, John Rauschenberg & Jonathan Stan. The gang spoke about the exciting new Good Beer Seal inductees and their induction party at d.b.a. Bar.
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Beer Sessions, Jimmy Carbone, Jimmy's No 43, Heritage Radio Network, Good Beer Seal, tonight are the Good Beer Seal awards!, Great Brewers, Ray Deter, d.b.a., Rachel Wharton, Brooklyn Eats, it's hard to learn about beer without a beer in your hand, Tasting Table, Good Beer @ BAM, Rachel just won a James Beard award!, home brewing in Brooklyn, Patrick Donagher, there are 12 new bars that have been picked as Good Beer Seal Bars, Rattle N' Hum, Patrick is trying to introduce craft beer to more people, there's a great beer out there for everybody, Mikkeller, Josh Bernstein, Imbibe Magazine, keep your lines clean, beer should taste as the brewery intended it to, Patrick doesn't serve Guinness anymore, Six Point Otis, comparable to Guinness, O'Hara's Irish Stout, Porterhouse, if you want to be a better taster just taste it!,
The Good Beer Seal Awards Party, Tchoup Shop Food, chicken wings, New Orleans, d.b.a., Ray Deter, one of the coolest guys in the beer world, Simon Glenn, the original d.b.a. is in the East Village, Dave Broderick, Ray was the first guy to have cask ale, Shelton Brothers Imports, having a BBQ is easier in Brooklyn than Manhattan, Lagunitas IPA, Russian River Temptation, Sierra Nevada, Russian River is not distributed in New York, Eataly, Vinny Cilurzo, Mario Batali, Dogfish Head, Speakeasy, San Francisco, John Rauschenberg, Jonathan Stan, Pacific Standard, West Coast microbreweries, laid back beer bar, wager book, sports betting, inter-personal bets, New York Stella culture, Swift, Waterfront Ale House, if you want to ruin your life but have a good time doin it, open a bar!,
bar ownership, blood sweat and tears, opening a bar is fun, you can't have a course teaching how to open a bar, such a course would not be pertinent in any way, Russian Rivers, The El Camino Unreal Ale, Union Jack IPA, Firestone Walker, 21st Amendment, Black Chocolate Stout, how much money do you need to open a bar?, Ray opened d.b.a. with credit card cash advances, you have to put everything on the line, Speakeasy Scarface Stout, Sixpoint Righteous Ale, Greenport Harbor, North Fork Long Island, Barcade, Robert Reeves, Shelton Brothers, Hungry Filmmakers, Lagunitas, Trevor Jankowski, NYC just chose NYC for the 2014 Super Bowl, Sunday night at 8:30 is trivia night at Pacific Standard, Rattle n Hum, June 1st Troegs event, June 8th IPA challange, east vs west coast, tonight at Jimmy's 43, Thursday May 27th at Standings, every Monday at d.b.a. Brooklyn Liquids of Interest, July is Good Beer Month, best site for beer in the world!,

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