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Published April 17th, 2015

Running time: 4 Minutes

By Jack Inslee

When’s the last time you had a breakfast that blew your mind? For me it was a sunny Monday afternoon in Los Angeles at Jessica Koslow’s Sqirl, a cute no-nonsense café located on Virgil Avenue in East Hollywood.

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Erin Fairbanks kicks off the 2015 season of The Farm Report talking about the recent overturning of the Californian ban on foie gras. Welcoming Rick Bishop of Hudson Valley Foie Gras to the show to discuss the ongoing animal welfare issues surrounding the process. Foie gras is the fattened liver of a waterfowl (either duck or goose, but in Hudson Valley Foie Gras' case, only duck) produced by a special feeding process. It results in a product that is at once velvety and meaty, and has been around for centuries. Rick shares how Hudson Valley Foie Gras sets itself a part from other foie gras producers and their efforts to treat their ducks with exceptional care and respect. Erin and Rick go on to dissect the unique physiology of ducks and how it facilitates the hand feeding procedure that Hudson Valley Foie Gras uses. After the break, Erin brings Ariane Daguin of D’Artagnan, a well-known seller and manufacturer of pâtés, sausages, smoked and cured charcuterie, all-natural and organic poultry, game, free-range meat, foie gras, wild mushrooms and truffles, on the show to give her thoughts on the developments in the foie gras world. She goes on to say that foie grois is an important part of elevated food and should be respected as such. Tune in for more! This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"It's a normal and reversible process for a duck to store fat on its liver." [11:50]

--Rick Bishop on The Farm Report

"Foie gras is one of the important things in gastronomy, and gastronomy is one of the pleasures in life. We call it being a 'foodie' but we need this to create stimulation... without it, you lose a color of the palate." [31:45]

"At the end of the day we need to focus on raising animals the right way." [34:35]

--Ariane Daguin on The Farm Report

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Three very big districts—Riverside, San Diego, and Oakland—are taking farm to school to the next level with an enormous, year-round commitment to sustainably grown California chicken. Their ambitious purchasing initiative, which has been several years in the making, is designed to send a clear and certain message to the poultry industry: Clean up your act. Our students’ health is at stake. Find out more on this week's episode of Inside School Food. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"Any professional working in this field climbs this incredibly high hill in terms of their education on food systems when they engage in these projects." [12:00]

--Ariane Michas on Inside School Food

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