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This week on The Main Course, host Patrick Martins welcomes Chef Josh Laurano to the program. Having completed his first three months as Executive Chef at Lupa in New York City (starting there years ago as a line cook), Josh checks in with Patrick and shares his notable past experiences at Batali & Bastianich restaurants such as: Del Posto, Babbo, and Terry Market in Port Chester. The two also discuss Josh's personal background and how it inspired him to gravitate to the kitchen, starting with the woman known as the knish queen of West Virginia: Josh's mom. She owned and operated a local organic bakery while his dad had a vegetarian restaurant in New Jersey. Josh also addresses the grass-fed beef movement with his thoughts and even offers some tips when cooking with the leaner cuts of meat. Navigating Josh's impressive career with the B&B Hospitality Group, Patrick gets the details of the inner workings of these successful kitchens. This program was brought to you by Rolling Press.

"I try and eat, when I can, the meats that you guys stand behind; locally, organically, delicious meat. Fundamentally, as a chef and a consumer it really comes down to the taste of the product." [5:44]

"You have a couple of options as a young cook starting out. You can work and then party and not do anything in between, or can work and read and you can figure out, "alright I overcooked this, why did I do it."... So, maybe that helped propel me faster." [9:13]

"You can't just say I cook food and I'm a chef. We are responsible for the entire dining experience." [13:46]

--Josh Laurano on The Main Course

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It's summertime and the weather is hot in NYC, which means Dave Arnold is fresh off a sweaty bike ride and ready to answer your questions on a brand new episode of Cooking Issues! This week, he's joined by friend, Executive Chef at Del Posto and proprietor of Pasta Flyer, Mark Ladner. Imagine the warmth of Grandma’s cooking transported into an animated quick service setting. Over the past three years – this is the idea that chef Mark Ladner has been researching and he’s finally ready to introduce it to the world. Tune in and hear what plans he has in store for Pasta Flyer - and make sure to donate to the Kickstarter page (3 days left!) if you want to see quick service pasta in your neighborhood. Today's program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.

"We decided to focus all our energy on making the absolute best gluten free pasta. I feel like I've been able to simulate an al dente texture in the gluten free pasta, which is difficult." [05:00] " [05:00]

--Mark Ladner on Cooking Issues

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