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First Aired - 05/26/2010 06:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Moira Campbell discusses her Hell's Kitchen tasting tours, and the surprising hidden tasty tidbits nestled in this very diverse 'hood.
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Moira Campbell, Rum and Blackbird Tasting Tours, she started in September '09, finding secret delicious foods around town, food PR, food studies at NYU, Culinary Institute of America, a tough job that brings happiness to other people, Italy is a really magical place, best tasting tours arrange w/the chefs beforehand, leaving no culinary stone unturned, the ones that didn't work out, Daisy May BBQ, Adam from London, the worst food tour was probably not the tour's fault, too loosey goosey, focusing on a tour's needs, insider knowledge, Moira does all the work for you, holes in the walls or VIP?, VIP treatment, La Rosita is a hidden gem, beer gardens, some places can be too hectic to accommodate a tour, Hell's Kitchen, people in Midtown don't regard Hell's Kitchen as super close, 10th and 11th Avenue have more local spots, the term paddy wagon came from Hell's Kitchen paddy street carts, chowhounds, Daisy May's BBQ,
Hell's Kitchen is underrepresented for fabulous eats, 14 restaurants per block, people think of Hell's Kitchen as just Thai food, no Thai food on Moira's tasting tour, no repeated cuisines on Moira's tasting tour, understanding tours from a PR and marketing perspective, Xie Xie, chorizo tacos, pablos con rajas, tamales for the weekend, empanadas, the moors brought empanadas to Spain and Portugal, conquistadors brought empanadas with them, Moira is here to engage in your food experiences and learn from them too ,Biscotti di Vecchio, Island Burger and Shakes, seven tastings, hit em hard hit em fast, Gazala Place, the only Druse restaurant in all of NYC, all spices from Northern Israel, makes her own fresh soft goat cheese in her own restaurant with milk from NJ, her pita is just water and whole grains she grinds herself, flaky crust pastry with olive oil no butter!, beretka, Poseidon Bakery, Rudy's Bar, Empanada Mama, make your own filo dough by hand, why is Hell's Kitchen so diverse?, don't you want to keep this all secret?, its all about supporting the hood, Brews and Bowling Tour, The Pony Bar, the bar where the old man in the suit would dance every night, Land's Down End, Casa Lula,,,

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