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First Aired - 08/25/2010 07:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on Burning Down the House Curtis sits down with Donna Sapolin and Jacob Alspector to discuss the DIY movement. Is it bolstering ideas of classical beauty or destroying them? Is quality DIY available to everyone or a select few, and SHOULD it be available to everyone? How does it feel to D something Y, and is the inevitable sense of accomplishment part of the allure? Tune in to find out. This episode was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

Photo: Norm Abram

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construction administration, Cashmere, carpenters are always Led Zeppelin fans, Dan Breindel, The DIY revolution, electronic media, design disciplines are like religions, interior designers and architects didn't exist for most of human history, Imhotep, the wisdom to collaborate but not supersede the expert, This Old House, great design tools for the consumer, the granddaddy of the HGTV explosion, aim a camera at everyday life and make it a majestic activity, Julia Childs, demystifying the home for the 20th century, pex piping, pex piping not permitted in New York City, driving interest and demand, promoting design awareness, introducing the architect on This Old House, Norm Abram, the fascination of how things come together,, make yourself extremely knowledgeable in minutes, immersing yourself in the internet, tinkering with toilets, great video online of people sharing solutions, internet forums, glorifying getting your hands dirty, the sense of accomplishment, our always-contingent provisional lives,
DIY, the high religion of architecture, a more active role in the construction, the litigious atmosphere of the 1970s, doing it yourself, Curtis consults the internet, the relative merits of the different kinds of rigid and semi-rigid insulation, discussions on the boards, frequent criticism of the internet, there is no Wikitruth when it comes to technical stuff, democratization of design, the app universe, ratings services, citysearcher, Yelp, Roberta's, delicious pizza, repurposed shipping containers, Rudolf Steiner, get up and dance, it's all eurythmic, dancing is great for information retention, app use, large scale institutional projects, the digital camera revolution, Angie's List, Benjamin Moore color app, empowering the layman, health web sites, empowering those with natural talent, gaining control over your physical environment, The Sharples Brothers,

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