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A Message from Jacquie Berger, Executive Director of Just Food.

Greetings Just Food Stories listeners! Summer is the busy season for Just Food and our partners: farmers are farming, gardeners are gardening, market managers and market managing - you get the idea. So we have to say good-bye for the summer, but we will miss you! When you find yourself missing us too, we hope you will enjoy listening to archived episodes on, or come and find us in person! We would love to help you find a food project in your community, or start your own Just Food Story. To support our work or find out more about how Just Food can support you, visit our website at

Many thanks again - hope to see you soon!

Jacquie Berger
Executive Director
Just Food

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Get ready for the Brooklyn vs Queens battle on Beer Sessions Radio! Jimmy is joined by a great crew of guests to discuss the rise of craft beer in the outer boroughs of New York City. Hear from Sam Richardson of Other Half, Rich Castanga of Bridge and Tunnel, Rachel Wharton of Edible Brooklyn, Alia Akkam of Edible Queens, Jon Lundbom of B United and Matthias Richter of Bayrischer Bahnof. Learn more about the new breweries popping up and some of the brewing trends happening in NYC right now. This program was brought to you by

"For Queens it's been exciting because the number 1 reason people come out has been ethnic food and now people are broadening their reasons and a lot of that has to do with beer." [03:00]

--Alia Akkam on Beer Sessions Radio

"I hope and expect that there are more breweries in Staten Island and the Bronx that pop up in the next few years." [17:00]

--Rachel Wharton on Beer Sessions Radio

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Go behind the scenes with the spice master himself, Lior Lev Sercarz, on a brand new episode of All in the Industry. Host Shari Bayer talks with Lior about his culinary background and the journey that eventually led him to a career in spices at La Boîte à Epice, where he creates custom spice blends for some of America's best chefs. From his beginnings at Daniel to his current life as a spice artist - get some incredible perspective from a man who has seen more than most people can ever hope to in the world of cooking and gastronomy! This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"Cooking doesn't have to end in opening your own restaurant. There are many other professions in this industry that are great." [06:00]

"You don't even need to cook to used spices. You can sprinkle them on something that's already made - that's ok if you don't like to cook!" [38:00]

--Lior Lev Sercarz on All in the Industry

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