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This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is joined by several Long Island brewers. We've got Mark Burford of Blue Point Brewing Co., John Liegey and Greg Soroski and of Greenport Harbor Brewing Co., Paul Dlugokencky from Blind Bat Brewery, and beer blogger Niko Krommydas. Hear Mark's wild start in brewing- hiding from the "ice mob" and killing hundreds of Long Island trout. Hear about some famous Long Island beers, from Blue Point's Toasted Lager to Greenport Harbor's Maibock. Listen to these Long Islanders' local beer pride, and the difficulties starting a brewery of any size on Long Island. Tune in to hear about these different brewing companies deal with their brewing waste- spent grain and "gray water". This episode has been brought to you by

"So as soon as the shotgun goes off at ten thousand feet, I've got this ringing and explosion going around my head with the nitrous and everything...and I said to myself, 'I have to recreate this in a beer."

"Breweries are 'green' by nature...everything that goes in, goes out." -- Mark Burford on Beer Sessions Radio

"We're in a space now where we're able to make the beers we want, we're making them where we want to make them, and Long Island is the place we choose." --John Liegey on Beer Sessions Radio

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Sev speaks to Dan Machin of Lone Acre Farm, a farm in Long Island that is literally a lone acre!

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James Christopher Tracy was exposed to great wines, wine regions and foods from an early age. After earning a BA in Performing Arts/Philosophy, he migrated to NYC to pursue graduate theatre training. In 1993, with wife Allison Dubin, he co-founded the Momentary Theatre, a not-for-profit organization that performed in California, New York, Texas, Connecticut and Hungary. After several years of writing restaurant reviews in NYC, on the side, Christopher attended the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan. He graduated first in his class and received a Grand Diplome. Christopher worked as the Pastry Sous Chef at March restaurant and then as Executive Sous Chef of Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs, both based in NYC. While working as a chef Christopher earned his Sommelier Certificate from the Sommelier Society of America as well as the Higher Certificate from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. He was awarded the Diploma from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) which entitles him to the D.W.S. distinction. He also holds a certification from the CWE (Certified Wine Educators) and was for a time a student candidate for the Masters of Wine. Christopher's initial involvement with Channing Daughters Winery was as a Wine Club Member, then as a Team Merlot member. In 2001 Christopher began developing several new products and prestige cuvees for the winery. Through the introduction of indigenous yeast fermentations, longer extraction periods, small batches, crop reduction, astute barrel control, and most importantly, blending, he believes Channing Daughters and the Long Island region will keep on growing and producing world-class wines. As Christopher says, "its just the magic of givin' the wines some love." He is now a partner in the company, as well as the winemaker. This program has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center. Today's music provided by Four Lincolns.

"We love to celebrate the specific." [4:10]

"Water is the be all end all of everything, no matter where you are." [5:30]

"We've gotten a little crazy...but we like that!" [27:15]

--Christopher Tracy on In the Drink

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