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First Aired - 12/18/2011 12:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Legendary food activist, journalist and acclaimed writer Michael Pollan joins Patrick Martins for a very special episode of The Main Course. Michael shares some of his new "food rules" as featured in his latest book, "Food Rules: An Eater's Manual". He tells listeners why they should eat close to the earth, serve vegetables first, remember that milk is a meal and stop acting as "short order cooks" for their children. Later in the show, Patrick asks Michael a variety of questions from Heritage Radio Network hosts including concerns about population growth, the decline of cooking from home, elitism in the sustainable food movement and political influence on our food system. If you are at all interested in the way we eat and the way we affect our planet, this is a must listen. Also on the show, Robert Stehling of Hominy Grill. This week's episode of The Main Course was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons

"The fear of hunger [in the world] has encouraged people to over-eat...Forcing your children to finish what's on their plate is probably not such a good idea. We should be learning how to leave something on our plate, symbolically, in order to get in control of our appetite."

"We accept a hierarchy of taste everywhere but food."

"There some recent studies that suggest sustainable agriculture could feed 9 billion people."

"When you outsource the cooking of your food to corporations, your health suffers."

"The cheapening of our food has subsidized our falling wages. We won't be able to find a way to get out of this until we find a way to get money in people's wallets so they can afford real food."

"Michelle Obama has done a lot to raise the profile of good food. I wish her husband would back her up a little more strongly with policy."

--Michael Pollan on The Main Course

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First Aired - 04/14/2014 07:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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On today's episode, Mary and Chris talk to brewer Eric Steen who tells us about his many brewing endeavors on the west coast. Then, they recap the Craft Brewers Conferene which they attended last week in Denver, CO. At the conference, Mary and Chris spoke with Michael Pollan and Andrea Stanley, whose interviews we get to hear on today's show! This program has been sponsored by Bonnie Plants.

"There really aren't a lot of educational opportunities out there, so we're hoping through our guild to be able to point people in the right direction of where they can be educated." [26:00]

--Andrea Stanley on Fuhmentaboudit!

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