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First Aired - 03/05/2012 01:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on Let's Eat In, Cathy Erway sits down with Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese Food to talk about the history of Mission Street Food, different styles of Chinese food, and the new Mission Chinese location in the Lower East Side. Tune in to hear about Mission's involvement charitable organizations, learning to cook Chinese food, growing up and eating in Oklahoma City, and the differences between New York and San Francisco cuisine. Listen in to hear Danny's ultimate date meal. This episode was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"When we started Mission Chinese, I had never been to China, I had never cooked Chinese food. [Chinese food] is so awesome because there's so many types of Chinese food, and they did a lot of things first. A lot can be traced back to Chinese cooking."

"Growing up, we weren't the most well-off family, so we always ate at home. My mom cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I just so was fascinated and would stay in the kitchen and with my mom. And I think that's what inspired and bringing people together."

-- Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese Food

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First Aired - 04/23/2012 02:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on Snacky Tunes, Darin Bresnitz and guest co-host Travis Hayden are joined by Diane Chang, a food blogger recently profiled in New York Magazine. Diane talks about the difference between Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine, her time at Bon Appetit Magazine, and her new blog called Beets 'N Jamz that she features food and song pairings. Visiting from Denmark is the sextet Alcoholic Faith Mission. Tune in to hear the band discuss eating on the road and some of their favorite Danish food spots. Listen to hear them perform in studio, and don't forget to check them out at Glasslands! This episode has been brought to you by Roberta's.

"That's why Taiwanese food is so good. It's where you can get that perfect blend of all Chinese cuisines." --Diane Chang on Snacky Tunes

"When we're on tour, we like to spend money to go to a really good restaurant. We try to plan it in advance, talk about where we want to have a really good dinner and what kind of food it should it be." --Kristine of Alcoholic Faith Mission on Snacky Tunes

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First Aired - 02/19/2014 03:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Damon Boelte chats with Ryan Fitzgerald of Del Maguey Mezcal and the forthcoming ABV bar in San Francisco on this week's installment of The Speakeasy! Damon and Ryan start off the show by talking about the processes involved with opening bars, and the trend in no-frills, no-gimmicks watering holes! Later, tune in for discussions regarding agave harvesting, and why large tequila companies need to consider the security of the agave supply in Mexico when churning out their product. What makes a great bar experience? Find out all of this and more on this week's episode of The Speakeasy! This program has been brought to you by Fairway Market. Music by Pamela Royal.

"There's no theme! It's not from the '20s, it's not a tiki bar, it's not a Mexican-themed bar- it's just a great bar! No gimmicks." [5:15]

"There are lots of large companies that have goals in Mexico, and those goals do not often include protecting the heritage of Mexico." [10:00]

-- Ryan Fitzgerald on The Speakeasy

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