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There's a guest announcer this week on Cooking Issues, the energy is high and the studio is ready for your questions! Tune in as Dave fields queries on everything from circulators to mulberries. Phil Bravo is in the studio for some extra fun (and voice work) this week as Dave tackles questions as usual. It's another wild ride on Cooking Issues! Today's show was brought to you by Rolling Press.

"Worcestershire sauce is the equivalent of fish sauce but for British taste." [41:00]

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues

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Fresh off winning the Outstanding Restauranteur award at the James Beard Awards, Barbara Lynch sits down with Dorothy Cann Hamilton on Chef's Story for a candid and insightful conversation on her upbringing, her career and her current projects. Hear how "Knuckles Lynch" survived a tough childhood in the projects and went from working as a bookie in high school to becoming a world renowned chef and restauranteur. From bad business deals to meetings with Michelle Obama, get a rare behind the curtain look at one of America's most fascinating and bold personalities in food. This program was brought to you by Fairway Market.

"At 12, I realized if I could cook for a living, I'd always have a job because people will always eat and drink." [11:00]

"My first trip to Italy was the first time I really felt I wanted to do this. In Italy you didn't need a title you just needed to make good pasta." [23:00]

--Barbara Lynch on Chef's Story

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