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How Great Cities Are Fed
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Burning Down the House
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When is the last time you cleaned your car? Perhaps it's been a while? Tune in to this week's Ask a Clean Person as Jolie Kerr welcomes Freddy Hernandez from Jalopnik, where he writes about buying and selling cool cars on the internet under the pen name Tavarish. Talking strategies to cleaning your four-wheeled speedster, the duo takes on questions ranging from a melted butter mishap to dealing with cigarette stench. You won't want to miss it! This program was brought to you by Fairway Market.

"When rodents get into your car, it's going to be very hard to get them out unless you start taking everything off." [12:50]

"Splurge a little bit at the time of purchase and get leather!" [32:15]

--Freddy Hernandez on Ask a Clean Person

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This week on Animal Instinct, host Celia Kutcher is going nuts for squirrels! Welcoming the one of the country's experts on the small mammal, Dr. John L. Koprowski, to the show, he explains the evolutionary background of the squirrel and that the squirrel can be found on every continent, minus Antarctica. Dr. Koprowski also explains the various colors of squirrels throughout the country, such as a black or orange squirrel, and the ill-attempts of taming a wild squirrel. After the break, Dr. Koprowski shares the details behind the lifespan, mating habits, and social behaviors of the different types of squirrels. Tune in to learn all about these interesting creatures and what to do if you find a lost baby squirrel. This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

"Squirrels were one of those species that at an early age something I could look out the window [and see]... whenever I would think about biology and what I might want to do in the future with my life, I would always come back to find squirrels in that somehow." [2:36]

"They've actually been around for a really long time. They first start to show up in the fossil record about 35 to 40 million years ago." [4:19]

--Dr. John L. Koprowski on Animal Instinct

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This week on Animal Instinct, host Celia Kutcher kicks off the new radio season welcoming guest Dave Marcks, President of Geese Police, a Canada goose control company that, for the past 25 years, utilizes highly trained working Border Collies to herd the geese off a client's property. Talking to Celia about his business' beginnings and on his dog breed of choice, he goes into detail about why geese become such nuisances and about the dog training process. What makes his removal business different from other methods to eradicate geese is that he brings no harm to the geese. With his specialized training method, his dogs boast the brains to be patient and over several times a day per week, harass the geese using "fowl play" which forces the geese to loiter elsewhere. Once the geese see the property as an unsafe haven, the geese will simply start to gather in a new location where they do not sense danger. Tune in for an incredibly informative episode! This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"My opinion... border collies make lousy pets. The problem is, they're highly intelligent, working breed dogs, and if you give them nothing to do, they will find something." [8:58]

" I originally bought my first dog to take care of the goose problem on my golf course. It was fantastic, that dog listened to everything I said. The geese were gone - I'm a hero!" [10:15]

-- Dave Marcks on Animal Instinct

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