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This week on Snacky Tunes, Greg and guest co-host Carter Adams open the show with the musical stylings of Jonny Lam and then welcome Butcher Tom Mylan from The Meat Hook located in Brooklyn, NY. Hot off the release of The Meat Hook Meat Book, Tom talks about his inspiration behind authoring the cookbook and all that goes into the cookbook process. Greg highlights a part of The Meat Hook Meat Book that teaches the reader about the importance of knife skills, especially considering the horrific tale that Tom shares with the crew. Also speaking on the ethics of red meat, Tom gives his take on the timely issue along with up and coming cuts of meat. Later in the program, Greg and Carter talk with Jonny Lam and his band about playing country music and how Jonny has made his mark in the music scene by being an amazing pedal steel guitar player. Tune in for a meaty show with great live music. This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.

"In the United States, there's maybe 10 well-recognized cuts of steak; probably less, actually. In our shop we have like 20." [21:49]

"I think that you'll be seeing more hare in probably 5 or 6 years, maybe sooner." [28:15]

"Chefs will look through the price sheet and see what is dirt cheap; a couple years ago it was ox tails, short ribs, pig tails, pig heads. I think that the only territory left is probably beef shank." [29:43]

-- Tom Mylan on Snacky Tunes

"I feel like there's probably less than 20 pedal steel guitar players in New York." [40:31]

-- Jonny Lam on Snacky Tunes

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This week on Eating Disorder Spyro and guest co-host St. John Frizell of Fort Defiance in Red Hook take on the age old topic of the bartender. The role is one that can be mentally and physically taxing, and is often responsible for making or breaking a night out. The guys bring on two pro New York bartenders, Olufemi Akiwumi-Assani and Kevin Ang, to talk about the job behind the scenes and why they take their craft so seriously. Join the crew as they navigate the science of a great drink, hilarious (puke) stories, and an in-depth description of the worst customers. This program was sponsored by Roberta's.

"With crafting cocktails, there's very few parts that go into it that make a simple cocktail, a classic cocktail very, very good. But with these things, they all have to be regimented, they all have to be treated seriously so you have consistency and results. Jiggers are important." [8:19]

-- Kevin Ang on Eating Disorder

"As bartenders, we're reverse babysitters. We watch them come in as normal people and then we turn them into children as they go home." [29:07]

-- Olufemi Ariwumi-Assani

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