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First Aired - 04/04/2011 04:30PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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The State of Cheese Series continues along to North Carolina as Anne Saxelby and Sophie Slesinger are joined by Portia McKnight of Chapel Hill Creamery. Learn more about the creamery and cheese culture in North Carolina including an extended segment on "clabber", a soured milk product. This episode was sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods market celebrates Earth Month with the “Do Something Reel” Film Festival, a collection of six provocative, character-driven films focused on food, environmental issues and everyday people with a greater vision. Come see one of the six features at City Cinemas Village East from Saturday, April 16th through Thursday April 21st, every night at 6pm. Learn more about the films and special events at

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First Aired - 04/06/2014 03:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on The Morning After, Jessie and Sari interview Maggie White, Editor in Chief of The Local Palate. Maggie is a New England native who has re-located to South Caroline due to her love of southern culture and cuisine. Tune in to hear her explain just what it is about the south that is so alluring. After the break, we hear from some Croatian winemakers from Miloš Winery who tell us about their winery on the beautiful Adriatic Sea. This program has been sponsored by Rolling Press. Today's music provided by Shadowbox.

"The way people embrace life [in the south] is just really inspiring." [4:50]

--Maggie White on The Morning After

"Our wines speak all languages, but have a Croatian accent." [31:00]

--Ivan Miloš on The Morning After

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First Aired - 05/09/2010 03:30PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on We Dig Plants, Pearl Fryar, master of topiary and gardener of a three-acre garden in Bishopville, South Carolina.
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We Dig Plants, Carmen DeVito, Alice Marcus Krieg, Heritage Radio Network, Groundworks Inc, Hearst Ranch, Bishopsville South Carolina, A Man Named Pearl, topiary garden, we have the power to shape our world into what we want and desire it to be, topiarus is Latin for landscape gardener, topiary gardening, ancient form of clipping and shaping geometric patterns, Edward Scissorhands, Bonsai, monks kept the style and practice alive in Europe, Victorians adopted the process, they can come in many shapes, partair, hedges, potted topiaries, topiary, traditional made by hand, symbol of wealth, mazes, labyrinths, build to encourage spiritual mediation, Pearl Fryar, he didn't know anything about plants when he started, he wanted to win yard of the month, Pearl only had one lesson,, it's like sculpting,

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