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First Aired - 04/08/2014 06:30PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week Erica goes inside McDonalds, telling us how the fast food CEO responds to many questions in the new Inside series by avoiding the real issues with his company. Then, if all of your food is made WITHOUT real food, what is left? This program has sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"If there's no food in your food, what's left?" [11:45]

--Erica Wides on Let's Get Real

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First Aired - 03/05/2014 04:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on All in the Industry, Shari focuses on photography in the food industry, from culinary events to prints. Melissa was a journalism student when she realized that she was more interested in the visual aspect of her stories, and thus entered the world of photography. Ken began taking photos at dinner parties as a side business and soon became sought after as a culinary events photographer. Tune in to hear two different sides of photography in the food industry. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. Today's music provided by The Hollows.

Image credit to Ken Goodman

Image from Pitchfork Diaries

"I choose my spots wisely and I don't overshoot things...I just shoot what's necessary and make those count." [21:30]

Ken Goodman on All in the Industry

"Real food looks good, you don't have to fake it." [24:00]

Melissa Hom on All in the Industry

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First Aired - 08/20/2013 11:00AM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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How do hunting and the hunting industry affect the economy? This week on the Wild Game Domain, Chefs Chad Pagano and Jessie Riley are talking about the business of hunting. Find out how many jobs are created through hunting. How much money is brought in through taxes by sportsman? Chad and Jessie delve deep into American history to talk about Theodore Roosevelt's contribution to wildlife preservation, how his measures have been generating money and bolstering the economy for decades. Later, Chad and Jessie run through some fascinating facts about the population of hunters in the United States, the monetary worth of game meat, and more! Thanks to our sponsor, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Today's music has been provided by Idgy Dean.

"25 billion dollars of state and federal tax revenue is generated through hunting." [7:30]

-- Chef Jessie Riley on Wild Game Domain

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