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Coach Mark Smallwood & Barnraiser: It's an earthy episode of Sharp & Hot as host Emily Peterson is joined by Coach Mark Smallwood, Executive Director of the Rodale Institute and Eileen Chiarello of Barnraiser. First - Emily chats with Mark about Rodale Institute's mission to achieve global human health and the agricultural challenges we face in 2014. Later, she checks in with Eileen who elaborates on Barnraiser, an online community for the millions of people who want sustainable food and farming to become the standard. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market

"Our ultimate goal is global human health. When we've accomplished that goal, we'll move on. Right now - that's where we focus. It always starts with the soil and we're always delving into food issues, but human health is paramount." [06:00]

--Coach Mark Smallwood on The Food Seen

"We're interested in the idea that we're all in this together. From a little initiative to a big one, hundreds of thousands of people need to have the opportunity to get up to bat in this world in sustainable food and farming...thousands of good ideas will be born of that." [22:00]

--Eileen Chiarello on The Food Seen

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What is it like at an emergency veterinary office? Amy Lubinski, Manager at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners, joins Celia Kutcher on this week's episode of Animal Instinct to discuss the ins and outs of emergency care for animals and pets. Find out what a day in the life of Amy is like and get some insight into animal treatment and what makes it such a difficult task. This program was brought to you by Brooklyn Cares Vet.

"Many of the drugs, machines and fluids [at animal hospitals] are the same as you'd see at the [regular] emergency room...Pet insurance frees up our doctors to give the gold standard in care without worrying about cost to the owner." [34:00]

"Preparation is the key to most emergencies. There's a small margin of error between safety and otherwise in New York." [37:00]

--Amy Lubinski on Animal Instinct

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