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This week on The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks is kicking off a series exploring the meat industry in collaboration with with Slow Food USA as they prepare for Slow Meat 2015, a symposium and fair taking place June 4-6 in Denver, Colorado. Slow Meat brings together producers, butchers, thought leaders and eaters of every ethos to address the conundrum of industrial animal husbandry and to celebrate the alternatives. Guest Carrie Balkcom is a member of the Slow Meat steering committee and is the Executive Director of the American Grassfed Association (AGA) which supports producers and consumers of grassfed meats through education, marketing, research, and government relations. Carrie gives the breakdown of one of AGA's earliest priorities working with the USDA to establish a legal definition for grassfed and to implement a labeling program to help producers receive a premium for products meeting the definition, while providing a service to consumers wishing to buy grassfed products. The USDA introduced their definition in 2006, and AGA’s producers and board decided to develop a more stringent standard. The AGA certification program and standards were then introduced in 2009. After the break, Erin gets the details surrounding American Grassfed's relationship with Slow Food USA and what a successful future for the industry ideally looks like. This program was brought to you by Bonnie Plants.

"You'll hear this frequently is that all animals are grassfed... until they're not." [7:36]

"We had to differentiate that the animals we're talking about were never put into confinement feeding operations - never given grain. Grain is something a ruminant animal is not designed to eat." [8:06]

"As far as feeding the world, we need to give the world the tools to feed itself." [35:00]

--Carrie Balkcom on The Farm Report

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This week on What Doesn't Kill You , award winning journalist Michael Moss deconstructs his recent NY Times story on abused animals at the hands of USDA researchers. This program was sponsored by Route 11 potato chips.

"There is a huge difference between research to promote the beef industry, and research to improve consumer safety." [22:30]

"It is becoming increasingly hard for me to go to a restaurant and blindly eat meat without knowing who raised it." [29:00]

--Michael Moss on What Doesn't Kill You

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With so many elements of Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2015 hotly contested, it’s good to know we can be bullish about Farm to School. After a successful first round of USDA grants under CNR 2010, advocates are hoping to leverage strong bipartisan support to triple funding to $15M. But as the Farm to School movement matures, the conversation is not just about new grants. It’s about institutionalizing the presence of local food in schools, and how else this year’s CNR can help that happen. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"Farm to School is simple a bi-partisan issue....it's one of those issues that works across the isle. It affects child health as much as it does farmer wealth. Since February we've continued to get more members of Congress to want to jump on the bill and support it. It's a real opportunity to make other school meal programs just work better. When kids are growing the food in school gardens and meeting the farmer they have that connection. They're gonna be more willing to taste and try and like new and healthier foods." [13:00]

--Helen Dombalis on Inside School Food

"The obstacles [in implementing Farm to School in Kentucky] still lie with procurement and distribution. They present our biggest challenge." [23:00]

--Tina Garland on Inside School Food

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