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First Aired - 10/26/2009 12:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week's episode of the Naturalist is all about bats. Bernie Wides, aka The Naturalist, is joined again by friend and author Carol A. Butler who teaches us all about bats and dispels many myths about the nocturnal creature.
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Bernie Wides, The Naturalist, can bats swim?, they drink from ponds, they swoop and drink from the surface before flying away, sometimes they fall in the water, they can't really swim but they can manage, bats can't fly from the ground, they need to crawl up a tree and drop to fly, Rick Adams, bats get dehydrated in caves, when the sun goes down they really need a drink, do bats fly into human hair?, bats make a lot of sound, echo location pulses are relevant up to 20 yards, fighter planes, bats sometimes swoop down for insects and scare people, in the New Testament Paul says women should protect their hair in church to keep away evil spirits, bats get confused with evil spirits or demons because they are nocturnal, gargoyles, bats have a bad reputation, bats are one of the few flying mammals,

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