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What are you afraid of? How can you make fear less crippling and more empowering? Are your deepest fears as bad as they seem? Tune in to an inspirational episode of After the Jump as Grace Bonney and Julia Turshen have a discussion about dreams, inner dialog and fear. Stop being scared and start moving forward! Grace and Julia provide some excellent tips and tools for conquering your fears and controlling your destiny. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"I'm still scared and defensive of speaking to people who aren't my core audience or people who don't understand me." [02:00]

"99.9% of the time - if you talk out, to the very end, what your worst case scenario really is, it's rarely as bad as it seems inside [...] so often fears are trapped in a self aware place." [07:00]

--Grace Bonney on After the Jump

"To me -- I equate raising my voice to confrontation, which really scares me..second only to snakes!" [04:00]

--Julia Turshen on After the Jump

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Danny Grossman & Erin Bagwell. On this week's episode of Sharp & Hot, with Emily Peterson, listeners first get a chance to meet Danny Grossman, a man who traded work for the US Diplomatic Service for a career in sustainable food. He founded Slow Food for Fast Lives, a company that provides healthy food for people on the go. Hear his career story, his current mission and advice for food entrepreneurs. Later in the show, Emily chats with filmmaker Erin Bagwell, who's raising money to make Dream, Girl, a documentary film redefining what it means to be a boss by telling the stories of female entrepreneurs. This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

"People are wanting to eat more savory foods where they formerly were all sweet." [03:00]

--Danny Grossman on Sharp & Hot

"Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are household names but where are the women?" [16:00]

"I think technology has made a huge impact in the way people start companies." [20:00]

--Erin Bagwell on Sharp & Hot

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Leiti Hsu is back for a brand new episode of WORD OF MOUTH after a brief hiatus! She's full of energy and joined by a great guest to get things back on track. Hear from Chris Jaeckle, the talented chef behind All'onda, a modern Venetian inspired Italian restaurant with Japanese influences in New York City. Chris is a fine dining vet, having worked as head chef at Michael White's Ai Fiori and spending almost a decade in kitchens like Tabla, Eleven Madison Park and Moriomoto. Tune in and hear why his mom is so important to him, why other cultures fascinate him and what it was like dealing with a brain tumor amidst a difficult time in his career. This program was brought to you by Of a Kind.

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