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This week on A Taste of the Past, Linda Pelaccio welcomes guest Gustavo Arellano to discus the history of the taco. Gustavo is the author of Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America, an editor at OC weekly, and a contributing editor to the LA Times. Linda and Gustavo discuss the evolution of the meal we now know as the taco, and how the taco differs around the U.S. This show has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Thanks to Pamela Royal.

"There's a time for every taco and a season for every torta." [12:35]

Gustavo Arellano on A Taste of the Past

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Erica Wides is back! After a much needed hiatus, Let's Get Real returns with haikus, swimming updates, Coca Cola Life and.... funfetti! Tune in as she reads the haiku contest entires on air and announces a winner, explores the greenwashing of America's favorite soda and wonders how funfetti got so bold. Tune in and hear about sprinkles for dogs, sweeting with Stevia and oh so much more. This program was brought to you by Fairway Market.

"Coke is spinning itself now as a Green product in a green can. Green! The great signifier of all things good!" [16:00]

"As if funfetti was fun or colorful enough - there's a new ad campaign for new colors - even funner... even fettier!" [22:00]

"I came across a line of cake mixes... for dogs! With funfetti sprinkles icing and everything!" [23:00]

--Erica Wides on Let's Get Real

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So you wanna raise chickens in your backyard? This week's episode of Animal Instinct is for you. Tune in as host Celia Kutcher chats with chicken keeper and editor of Sweets & Bitters, Hannah Kirshner about her experiences with chickens. From breeds to behavior, find out everything you need to know about keeping chickens in an urban environment. They make excellent pets and you may be surprised to find out how you can even train chickens! This program was brought to you by Brooklyn Cares Vet.

"With food motivated training and a clicker as a marker - you can train chickens pretty well." [08:00]

"Chickens are omnivores and can eat anything but mostly you want to feed them vegetables and grains." [18:00]

"The most important thing is to figure out what breeds make sense in your climate." [30:00]

"Purebred chickens like purebred dogs can sometimes have health problems if they've been selected for some decorative feature." [32:00]

--Hannah Kirshner on Animal Instinct

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