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First Aired - 04/05/2010 05:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Marla Camp is in studio for the first time! She's joined by Anna Lappe & Louisa Shafia who talk about ways to improve our food system and how eating responsibly can change the world.
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Louisa Shafia, Lucid Food, cookbooks, food photography,, shoping to support local farmers, transparency, purity in food, traceability, from farm to table, no chemicals, garlic ramps, fiddle head ferns, seasonality, shopping locally, sensuality of food, making food with bright colors and bold tastes, using technology to connect, technology has distracted us from community, share meals with people, pot luck dinners, farmers markets, rhubarb and pistachios over thick yogurt, local honey, beekeeping is now legal in New York City, urban beekeeping group, rose water extract, short story about making pizza, Roberta's, potatoes on pizza, watercress, book giveaways after the show, email and give some eco tips to receive a free book,
Heritage Radio Network, Anna Lappe, Diet For A Hot Planet, connection between conventional food production and global warming, move over hummer say hello to hamburger, emissions, artificial soil fertility, addiction to fossil fuels through synthetic fertilizer, feedlots, drug diet, short sighted idea on food production, hurting the economy, ruined rural communities, health care costs, short sighted in terms of the climate, Myth Informed: Answering The Critics, emphasis on bio-technology solutions, can sustainable agriculture feed the world, Diet For A Small Planet, Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle, Frances Moore Lappe, hunger scare, the industrial food system is the root of so much hunger in the world, support small scale farmers, we need more resilient farms, sustainable farming methods are creating healthy soils, healthy soils produce more varied and resilient crops, this movement is not elitist, fast food industrial diets, 1 in 3 kids born in this country will develop diabetes at some point in their lifetime, palm oil, one of the most widely traded vegetable oils in the world, most of the worlds palm oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia, mass plantations on former carbon rich lands, these two countries are among the worlds leading emitters of greenhouse gasses, it's not a doom and gloom book, the next wave of food documentaries will be about soil, the fundamental base of a healthy farm is healthy soil, how do you feed your soil?, Rodale Institute, organic farms, food sovereignty, our ability to have power over our own food, La Via Campesina, 600 people from 90 different countries,
Hearst Ranch, what can we do?, practical tips and guidelines, eco friendly food shopping, shop local, support small farmers, traceability, some small farmers cannot afford organic certification, USDA is under pressure from lobbyists, what do these standards mean?, USDA Organic Certification, you have to go beyond your plate, be active, speak up, organic certification is not written in stone, pay attention to the organic label, look at it closely, wait for appropriate seasons, bananas, the industry has a bad history in terms of labor and pesticide practices, cooked squash, baby alternative to bananas, baked sweet potatoes, serve seasonal produce, it's more fun to shop with the seasons, sorrel, pear crisp with lavender cream, be flexible while shopping, recipes are not biblical, choose eco friendly fish, fish farming, aqua culture setups, Monterey Bay Aquarium, mercury, safe seafood list,, ask questions at restaurants, know your source, eat less meat, when you do eat meat buy responsibly, grass fed beef, no hormones or additives, we eat more meat than we need to in the US, use less meat in your diet, choose good quality meats, animal welfare concerns, Marion Nestle, Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, lowering your carbon food print, ask the story behind the food, Crop to Cup, imported coffee, support local roasters, urban farms in Austin, national lobby groups, improving policy, Small Planet Fund,,,

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