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Published November 10th, 2014

Running time: 7 Minutes

By Austin Sherman

Fish leather is on the rise as a popular fashion item. It is making a name for itself as an eco-friendly product. To see how it is made, click the link here.

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What is cruelty-free clothing? Find out on a brand new episode of Animal Instinct! Returning guest Julia Szabo joins Celia Kutcher for a conversation on animals, fashion and why they shouldn't be so intertwined. From leather to feathers, tune in for alternatives, ideas and inspirations for a cruelty-free fashion life! This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"This is not some hemp rough hippie clothing. These are every bit as sleek and sometimes even sleeker [than leather]." [03:00]

"When animals are raised for leather and fur it has a tremendously damaging impact on the environment." [05:00]

"Getting dressed is something we all do. Fashion is an amazing way to convey the message of compassion." [10:00]

"It's not faux fur, it's vegan fur. It's not faux leather, it's vegan leather." [14:00]

--Julia Szabo on Animal Instinct

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This week on Pizza Party, host Talia Ralph introduces listeners to the Halloween Fashion Episode! Welcoming via phone Coby Gerstner, Marketing Director from Beloved as well as Allison P. Davis from New York Magazine's The Cut the trio discusses the fine art of wearing pizza in different mediums. Coby shares how his clothing line's famous "Pizza Belovesie" became a viral fashion hit among celebrities such as Katy Perry starting with how they came up with the print to begin with. Allison specializes in what's trending and gives wonderful pop culture insight, having tracked the junk food through various mediums online as well as fashion outlets aside from Beloved. After the break, Allison and Coby advise on the do's and don'ts concerning pizza fashion and share their thoughts on why the world is so enamored with the cheesy pie. This program was brought to you by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

"I love when the internet catches hold of something like this [pizza] and just goes wild with it." [13:30]

--Coby Gerstner on Pizza Party

"Pizza is its own thing because it has longevity." [18:18]

--Allison Davis on Pizza Party

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