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12:OO - 12:45 /// The Main Course
1:OO-1:3O /// Eat Your Words
2:OO-2:3O /// Arts & Seizures
3:OO-4:OO /// Radio Cherry Bombe
4:3O-5:3O /// Snacky Tunes
1O:OO-1O:3O /// Wild Game Domain
11:OO-11:3O /// Inside School Food
12:OO-12:3O /// What Doesn't Kill You
1:OO-1:3O /// Tech Bites
2:OO-2:3O /// Taste Talks
3:OO-3:4O /// Japan Eats
5:OO-5:3O /// Cutting the Curd
6:OO-6:3O /// Animal Instinct
7:OO-7:3O /// Fuhmentaboudit!
8:OO-8:3O /// Eating Disorder
12:OO-12:45 /// Cooking Issues
1:OO-1:3O /// Let's Get Real
2:OO-2:3O /// Sharp & Hot
3:OO-3:3O /// The Food Seen
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7:OO-7:3O /// Roberta's Radio
1O:OO - 1O:3O /// In the Drink
11:OO-11:3O /// Ask a Clean Person
12:OO-12:45 /// Chef's Story
1:OO - 1:3O /// A Few Things with Claire and Erica
2:OO-2:45/// WORD OF MOUTH
3:OO-3:3O /// The Speakeasy
4:OO-4:45 /// All in the Industry
12:OO - 12:3O /// A Taste of the Past
1:OO - 1:3O /// The Farm Report
4:OO - 5:OO /// Food Talk with Mike Colameco
6:OO-6:45 /// Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen
7:3O-8:3O /// Full Service Radio
9:OO-1O:3O /// GUNWASH
My Welcome Table
How Great Cities Are Fed
Joshua David Stein Variety Hour...Half Hour
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The Whole Shebang
Edible Alphabet
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After the Jump
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Manhattan Cocktail Classic Coverage No Chefs Allowed
Anastasia's Fridge
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HRN on Sandy
Everything's On the Table
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The Naturalist
Burning Down the House
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Listener Feedback. This week on Sharp & Hot, Emily Peterson addresses feedback and future changes she plans on making to her show. Don't worry! Sharp & Hot will still have it's same old friendly tone, but the format is going to be a little different. After going over some of the feedback that her viewers sent her, she reviewed the novel "The Cake Therapist" by Judith Fertig, and also questioned what it even means to assign a book the genre "contemporary women's fiction". Although Emily does not think that she fits the audience that this book was trying to reach, she still recommends it!

"If you feel like your beloved Sharp & Hot is changing, it's for the better." [16:00]

"I'm trying to imagine exactly who she is talking to, because I don't feel like it is exactly me." [22:00]

"If you want a beach read, this is right in the beach read category." [23:00]

--Emily Peterson on Sharp & Hot

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The internet and social media have given people a virtual soapbox to stand-up and rant, review and critique restaurants with sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Urbanspoon. The reviews are every public – and lead to mixed results and responses from businesses. BlurtBox is the next generation of reviewing platforms, where diners use an app to send businesses anonymous feedback. In-studio guest, BlurtBox founder Julien Meyer talks about aggregating customer feedback into valuable data. This program was brought to you by Edwards.

"As a paid service you have a barrier regardless of the business, by making it free restaurants understood the concept quicker." [26:00]

"Just by talking to people we can learn so much more than we did by sitting behind a computer screen." [28:00]

-- Julien Meyer on Tech Bites

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Welcome to a brand new season of After the Jump! This week, Grace Bonney talks to listeners about one of the scariest places on the internet - the comments section! As she puts it - your voice and your project deserve to be a part of the chorus of voices that exist online. Letting your voice be silenced by a few bad apples is a sad thing, and something that can and should be prevented. She explains how to handle being brought down by negative comments on your blog or bummed out by less than kind feedback! This program was brought to you by Mail Chimp.

"When you're putting out so much negativity...you tend to get that response in return. What you put out there is often what you get back." [11:00]

--Grace Bonney on After the Jump

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