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First Aired - 01/10/2010 12:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Patrick Martins & Brian Kenny Live From The Hearst Ranch and Erik Hoffner of Orion Grassroots Network.
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San Simeon, Hearst Ranch, Hearst Castle, Texas Longhorns, college football, Brian Kenny, Patrick Martins, Brian is the director of the cattle program at the Hearst Ranch, division manager of Hearst Ranch beef, it's not a traditional cattle ranch, there are two major properties, the Hearst Ranch is ten times the size of Manhattan, Angus, Shorthorn, Murray Gray, Hereford, George Hearst, a true grass fed operation, rolling hills of cattle, California, spreadsheet cowboy, sustainability, corporate agriculture, Steve Hearst, Ted Turner, bison, meat industry, commodity beef market, seasonality, cow calf operation, economics, calves are sold at 6 months old, they are called wieners, private trading, you can make more money by adding weight, the heavier the cattle the lower the price per 100 weight, corn is cheaper than grass, cattle has a sort of over/under pricing system, everyone wants choice or prime, of all cattle in the united states 4-6 percent is prime, three of four months on grass, how does stockman make any money?, what makes a savvy stockman?, the stockman sells to a feedlot, restaurant guys are looking for high choice, waltz across Texas, Brian Kenny sings!, branding,, marbling, Harry Caray, Vassar, the feed lot, Michael Pollan, California Cattlemen's Association, Dr. Buzzkill, twitter, small attention spans,,

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First Aired - 03/20/2012 01:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Ben is a full-time and part-time organic farmer. By day he works as the Organic Farm Manager for the University of Kentucky's Organic Farming Research and Education Farm, a job he has held for the previous five years. The university farm is home to a 80-member CSA, grant-funded research, and extension and education efforts relating to organic vegetable production in Kentucky. By night he operates his own (leased) farm in Fayette County, Kentucky where he grows organic sweet potatoes, cabbage, winter squash, and watermelons on 10 acres.

"What's been so great about having the farm is because it has created a visual component to the organic agriculture program [at the University of Kentucky]."

"I've found this movement of young farmers is very inclusive. There's a lot of passion."

-- Ben Abell on Greenhorn Radio

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First Aired - 02/12/2014 06:30PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Welcome to a politically-charged episode of Nothing Urgent! Derek Evers and Christopher Robbins are joined in the studio by journalist Marina Galperina to discuss her coverage of the Russian feminist performance art group, Pussy Riot. Learn about the history of the group, their actions that lead to their imprisonment, and why the original group has dissolved. Find out why Nadia and Masha have decided to promote Russian prison reform, and why they performed at the Amnesty International benefit in Brooklyn. Learn more about Russian politics, and how Putin's Russia subdues revolution and protest. Later, Tessa Stuart joins the program to talk about pedestrian fatalities in New York City. Tessa recently wrote an article on the subject for Village Voice entitled "Don't Walk", and stops by to explain how the law aims to punish these drivers, but often does not get upheld. Are there enough detectives to adequately investigate the numerous collisions that occur weekly? Find out on this week's edition of Nothing Urgent! Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA. Music by EULA.

"Any opposition group in Russia has a difficult time organizing, so erhaps the Pussy Riot breakup is good. In their breakup letter, they specifically outline what the group was about and the things they stood for." [17:30]

-- Marina Galperina on Nothing Urgent

"Cops don't think these are sexy crimes. No one becomes a cop to investigate pedestrian accidents." [47:30]

-- Tessa Stuart on Nothing Urgent

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