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This week on The Main Course Patrick and Mike Edison sit down with Ron Silver of NYC's (and Japan's) favorite diner Bubby's for a discussion on food safety and how much power the government should (or shouldn't) have over recalling our food. Judy McGuire (author of "How Not to Date") stops by for a discussion on dating in New York and beyond. Plus the gang cover a bevy of far-reaching topics touching on everything from the Mosque at Ground Zero (good?) to blueberry bagels (bad!). Tune in for Heritage Cooking with Chef Steve Pope, who focused this week on crispy skin! This episode was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.

Photo 1: Bubby's in NYC, Photo 2: Judy McGuire

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Ron Silver, Bubby's, Bubb'y's Yokohama, Judy Mcguire, Dating Tips, Huge Food Recall, Egg Recall, the chickens are still sick and still producing eggs, thats still a lot of eggs in the egg stream, the FDA has no power to mandate a recall or mandate the chickens are killed, eggs are treated differently from meat, the FDA are counting on Right Egg Farm and Hill and Dale to do the right thing, the infected chickens may be used as meat chickens and the eggs may be pasteurized and used in things like mayonaise, we've all seen or heard about the way chickens are raised and produced, chickens are up to their little chicken knees in chicken excrement, Patrick saw small disgusting farms abusing animals in farms Upstate, its not about big and small, its not about perfection, was it better in the old days?, milk fever, traveling through the 3rd world Mike has never been sick eating street food or even White Castle, weakening of the American constitution, these big farms are an example of greed corruption and sloth, consumer sloth, a Czar of food, the Egg Secretary, high standards are very expensive, educating consumers to take responsibility to for what they put in their mouths, there's a real awareness of food sources in Salt Lake City, Bubby's is unique, Mike and Ron would have let GM go out of business, its hard to believe there wasn't a viable electric car 50 years ago, Mike is usually labor over management but the unions are way too powerful, corrupt unions, do companies lose the right to exist with a major mistake?, Patrick thinks there should be no Japanese cars in America, when someone put cyanide in Tylenol they invented tamper-proof packaging, what you lose on the swings you make up in the merry-go-roung, built into big business is the idea of paying fines is part of doing business, fines are part of the annual budget, As Bs and Cs in the grading system of NYC Restaurant Health Inspectors, Bubby's last inspection would have been a B, a C is like a Fail, getting a C is bad, there are a lot of weird reasons to get points, having a handsink in a certain location in a certain amount of time can be bad, the rules for hygiene are and aren't stringent in a restaurant, Mike is shocked when a big name restaurant gets a low grade, restaurants play in the top league with lots of violations, the USDA is totally ineffective, the USDA was created because of The Jungle, they closed Bird Bath simply because their sandwiches were room temperature,
How Not To Date, dating using terror warnings, Judy McGuire, Mike's go to source as usual is The Post, Exagerdating, people who date online LIE!!, men lie about their height because for every inch a man is below 5 10 he should make 40k more a year, Judy met her boyfriend online and they've been together for six years, did online dating change with dial-up vs broadband?, women's diserablity peaks at age 21, after age 44 the ball rolls off the table, has old-fashioned dating gone out of fashion?, internet dating brough old fashioned dating back in a bit because they made dates official, Judy met one guy who told her that HIV didn't cause AIDS and he doesn't use condoms, a date is two people who could possible have sex being somewhere that is planned, Judy is anti-coffee dates unless you're in AA, deal-breakers - chewing with your mouth open or bad breath or being mean to the staff, bad tippers are so socialy clueless they'll let you know they're a horrible tipper, picky eaters suck, everyone is allergic to gluten, Ron tell his staff anyone who has an allergy should stay home, Cull the Herd!, Ron gets emails from vegans asking what they can eat at Bubby's (which is nothing), everything has meat in it at Ssam Bar, are absolutely perfect dates suspicious?, someone who is too-perfect is Patrick Batemen, if you're hot enough you can get away with anything, intelligence talent and whit are the real aphrodesiacs, whoever asks should pay, if someone has a much better job they should pay, a woman should pay half if they never want to see the guy again, we can blame a lot on Sex in the City, SITC brough the WRONG kind of people to NYC, Murray Hill is filled with Post-Frat Assholes, Carrie's happiness depended on men and shoes,
Judy and Mike met when Judy went to MA with Reagan Youth, Mike worked at High Society and Cherry and started Climax and Buxom, sending High Times interns with all the photo-shoot pot wasn't very nice, a sense of impunity at High Times, do one-liners still work to pick up smart girls?, Mars Bar is a great place to pick up Herpes, having sex in the bathroom at Mars Bar, a lot of people have had sex on planes, girls being afraid to eat in front of guys, cooking for girls and ahving them not eat it, if a guy cooks it can be a good first date, if a girl cooks as a first date it can be weird, people are intimidated to cook for chefs, is there anything that could sanction crying on the first date?, no crying after sex or during sex, Bloomberg dated Diana Ross, it takes a brave guy to approach a girl with a bunch of girlfriends, if you have the balls to do it just go for it, the way to pick up a girl at the bar is to get her to buy YOU drinks, everyone in the studio is kinda old, bullshit people tell people in bars,
Interfaith dating, Ground Zero Mosque as a potential pickup place?, converting for your partner, Russian Orthodox, dating someone anti-semetic, when you're 22 years old there is more religious pressure from your family regarding your partner and kids, inter-anything couples are normal in NYC, Ron's first wife was Phillipino and it got complicated sometimes, Patrick doesn't think the mosque should be built near Ground Zero, Mike's bitter divorce with the Yankees, Mike won't step foot inside Yankee stadium, the first amendment includes the right to assemble peacefully, people cherry pick the constitution, the Police should not be the only ones with the guns, Judy has a volatile temper so she doesn't own a gun, gun shooting date?, sex on the first date, does dating imply a future?, can you date just to hang out?, sport dating, Mike has been on online dates and has felt like he's being auditioned, below the Blueberry Bagle, Skype dating, Teledildonics, remote control dildos, sex with a robot, in Rocky IV the father was dating the robot, drug use on a date?, smoking pot on the way to Bubby's, Chain Restaurants for dates for the middle of nowhere, don't go to your favorite restaurant with a potential crazy person, public displays of affection, Ron is better than picking out a last date than a first date, breakup dates, Judy says do it over the phone, an ice cold beer in the shower is a panacea, in the last decade Mike has drank 32 beers in the shower, imbalanced dates when one person had lots of fun and the other didn't, if you like film and restaurants that does not make you unique in ANY WAY, Mike's interview with Rowdy Roddy Piper, Spitzer's hooker, why do governors need to pay for sex?, they're paying for discretion and for the girl to leave, Al Goldstein always said you don't pay a prostitute to have sex you pay her to leave, was this show a date?, cereal date where you eat lots of cereal, Mike likes oatmeal, Nat Weiner has been great, How Not To Date, someone accidentally crapped in Judy's bed, Judy's dead boyfriends,, an excuse to get out of a date- menstruation or food poisoning, I Have Fun Everywhere I Go,

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