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First Aired - 01/15/2014 06:30PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on Nothing Urgent, Derek Evers and Chris Robbins discuss the closing of Williamsburg DIY venue with Ric Leichtung and Todd P. Ric is the curator of the soon-to-be-defunct space, and Todd's involvement in the DIY music community dates back many years. Hear how Ric and Todd dealt with the myriads of the reactions surrounding the venue's close. What bands were essential to 285's final shows, and what shows throughout the space's history were Ric and Todd's favorites? Tune in to hear discussions regarding the sustainability of DIY in New York City. What separated 285 Kent from other Brooklyn DIY venues? Later, Malika Zouhali-Worrall joins the program to discuss the film she recently co-produced, directed, and wrote called Call Me Kuchu. The film follows David Kato, the first openly gay Ugandan, until his tragic murder. Hear how Ugandans reacted to the murder of David Kato, and how Malika was able to capture the sentiment in her film. How will the Anti Homosexuality Bill potentially affect Ugandans today? Learn more about the oppression of LGBT people in Uganda on this week's edition of Nothing Urgent. Thanks to our sponsor, Heritage Foods USA.

"Everything in DIY, especially live music, is so transient. From my perspective, after a show is done, maybe there will be a flier or someone will take some pictures- but ultimately it's done. It's over." [8:10]

-- Ric Leichtung on Nothing Urgent

"I used to say that I didn't like going to traditional clubs because you would have to deal with a bouncer, you would get kicked out when the show was over... I think that there are just as many cliches about DIY that are just as lame and boring." [23:15]

-- Todd P on Nothing Urgent

"Most homophobia in Uganda has come about very recently, and it's due to the influence of American evangelicals..." [52:00]

-- Malika Zouhali-Worrall on Nothing Urgent

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First Aired - 01/09/2014 04:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Originally from Naples, Italy, GianFranco Sorrentino carries over 30 years of experience in restaurant management, some of these include Quisitana Hotel in Capri, Dorchester Hotel in London, Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo, Bice Restaurant in New York, and The Leopard at Des Artistes, in the New York landmark the Hotel des Artistes. In September 2001 he opened il gattopardo, with his wife Paula Bolla Sorrentino and his talented Executive Chef Vito Gnazzo. On today's episode of Food Talk with Mike Colameco, we hear from GianFranco himself as he talks about the restaurant industry and staying true the culture of restaurants and Italian roots. Aline Baly is in the studio to talk about Chateau Coutet, a sweet wine from the Sauternes-Barsac appellation located in Barsac, in the southern part of France’s Bordeaux vineyards. Château Coutet is one of the oldest Sauternes producing vineyards, and is described as a "twin" of Barsac's other Premier cru estate, Château Climens. On today's episode, they discuss the changing culture of wine, and how Chateau Cotet uses social media as a form of communicating with the new generation of wine drinkers. This program has been sponsored by Cento, King Arthur Flour, and Colavita.

"When we thought about the restaurant, we wanted to do a southern italian cuisine."

-- GianFranco Sorrentino on Food Talk with Mike Colameco

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First Aired - 04/04/2012 11:00AM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on Taste Matters, Mitchell Davis chats with two world renowned North American chefs - Mark Ladner of Del Posto and Jonathan Gushue of Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa. Tune in for a conversation on the causalization of both the restaurant scene and the world at large. What does service mean in 2012? How has modern fine dining adapted to the anti-white tablecloth movement? Hear their thoughts on these issues and also learn more about the upcoming Relais & Chateaux Grand Chefs Dinner. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"Amenities seem to have fallen by the wayside. People realize they can have great delicious dining experiences without the trapping of service. It's somewhat disappointing, but also an interesting challenge to try and re-instill some of these values."

--chef Mark Ladner on Taste Matters

"Whatever the guest wants, the guest gets. That's the true guest experience."

--chef Jonathan Gushue on Taste Matters

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