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First Aired - 09/09/2010 04:30PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on Flash Talks Cash, JoAnn & Andrew teach you how to be financially responsible while traveling abroad. Tune in to hear about currency exchange, ATM fees, tipping customs & other valuable pieces of advice for the jetsetter. Also on the show, a listener submitted story about a homeless man and kittens. Submit your story next week for a chance to win free wine! This episode was sponsored by Roberta's & Bushwick Block Party: Sunday @ Roberta's!

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Roberta's, Bushwick Block Party, Flash Talks Cash, Joann Flash Fleming, Andrew Newman, Heritage Radio Network, cash in points from credit cards and get an airline ticket!, 1 point is equivalent to one penny, travel points, be smart about how you use your points, caller question:, what do i do if my wife makes three times as much as me?, pro rating bills, a lot of women make more money than men these days, currency is devalued in Argentina, everything you buy is 25% cheaper there, currency exchange, the Euro is falling!, don't only base your trip on a plane ticket, always consider the currency exchange!, travelers checks, don't use them, carry American currency with you, cash out some before you go there, banks here won't give you a good exchange rate but you'll need some money once you get there, change over $100 first before you get on the plane, finding best conversion rates,

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