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On today’s THE FOOD SEEN, Lisa Gross, founder/CEO of The League of Kitchens, grew up in NYC, daughter of a Korean immigrant and a Jewish New Yorker, all the while eating soup, either doenjang-guk (soy bean paste soup) and matzo ball that is. Her work as an artist, educator, and social entrepreneur has always questioned the values and perceptions of social history, cross-cultural relations, domestic space, and national identity. Projects like The Boston Tree Party, an urban agricultural and political public arts project, engaged the citizens of Boston in a discourse about civic fruit, planting upwards of 70 pairs of apple trees, hoping to bear 15,000 fruit within 4 years. Lisa’s most recent endeavor, The League of Kitchens, celebrates NYC’s largest wave of immigration since the early 20th century by empowering immigrant women who’s passions as home cooks translate into inspiring teachers. These women invite guests into their homes, interactively teaching them of their native cuisines, ranging from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Greece, India, Lebanon, and Korea. You’ll learn how to make Murgir Mangsho (chicken curry), Mantu (dumplings filled with meat and onions and a tomato-chana dal sauce), Spanakopita (spinach pie), Keftedes with Tzatziki (meatballs with cucumber yogurt sauce), Galbi (Korean short ribs), Ka’ak Bi Tamer (Date Cookies, with mahlab, nutmeg, nigella, sesame seeds), and Mixed Dal (lentils, green chiles, garlic, coriander, cumin, tomatoes, fresh curry leaves, toasted mustard seeds, red chili powder) … all within the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Sign up for your workshop today! This program has been sponsored by Tabard Inn.

"There's often very little opportunity to have really meaningful interaction from people from other backgrounds." [14:15]

Lisa Gross on The Food Seen

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To celebrate President's Day, Linda invites author and former visiting White House Chef Jack Hanny to the studio to talk about his latest book, "Secrets from the White House Kitchens". Jack goes into the history of cuisine at the Oval Office, chronicling everything from JFK's favorite clam chowder, to FDR's nightmares with former chef Henrietta Nesbit. Learn more about the tastes of presidents past on an entertaining an informative episode of A Taste of the Past. This episode was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. For more information visit

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR, he had a woman cook in the White House, Henrietta Nesbit, FDR was used to good food, he was from the Hudson Valley, she fed him the same thing every day, FDR hated her, he loved Martha Washington's crab soup, most presidents eat what is in front of them, hot dogs, Harry S Truman, he was a farmer, had simple tastes, hamburger soup, Ronald Reagan, his favorite dish was macaroni and cheese, Andrew Jackson was well known for bringing a huge wheel of cheddar cheese to a dinner, rowdy parties at the White House, Reagan had a ton at jelly beans for his inauguration, the Navy always ate well, The Eagle House, Williamsville, suburb of Buffalo, 184 years old, 1st hotel license and 2nd liquor license in New York State,,

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