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On a special episode of Native, host Briana Kurtz is sitting down with Saveur Magazine talking all about their article focusing on Uruguay. Adam Sachs, Editor in Chief, Gabe Ulla, writer, and Chef and Uruguay native Ignacio Mattos are in studio recapping the trip and providing wonderful insight on the beautiful country. As Ignacio explains, the dining scene is a way for visitors to acclimate themselves with the country with staples such as the popular chivito sandwich, also known as a Uruguayan steak sandwich. Gabe and Ignacio go on to tell some wonderful highlights of their road trip throughout Uruguay, elaborating on the food they decided to feature throughout the article and thoughts on the accessibility for everyone to bring a slice of Uruguay home for dinner. From the beach to the countryside, Saveur truly captures the essence of summery Uruguay throughout the article. Tune in for a great show that is sure to inspire wanderlust! This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"Gabe and I were talking, and he's working on a book with Ignacio and I was saying 'have you guys been down to Uruguay recently?' and he had never been and so I forced him to go and it all worked out really well!" [2:15]

--Adam Sachs on Native

"Our background is pretty much Spanish and Italian; it's a mix of a few other things but the food there is pretty much Italians and Spanish immigrants' food that they translate in their own way." [7:00]

--Ignacio Mattos on Native

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Let's go to Tasmania! Native host Briana Kurtz welcomes Shane Mitchell, Saveur Magazine Contributing Editor, to chat about her recent article and travels to the unique island. Telling Briana how such 'off the beaten path' locations are her bread and butter, Shane takes Briana through the best parts of Tasmania including the food scene, things to do, the amazing beaches, as well as the interesting and tasty spirits that are coming off the island. Tasmania is a burgeoning destination so tune in to find out tons more! This program was brought to you by Myriad Restaurant Group.

Photo via Saveur.com

"A friend of mine who lives in Sydney was trying to describe Tasmania to me before I left and he said 'it's like Vermont with bigger sharks!'" [2:32]

"About 45% of Tasmania is preserved land, it'll never be developed, so it is one of the wildest places on Earth still." [4:40]

"There are some great ingredients right in Tasmania that everyone wants!" [16:50]

--Shane Mitchell on Native

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This week on Native, host Briana Kurtz is headed to Iceland with Judy Haubert of Saveur Magazine. Chatting about her journeys to Iceland, she kicks off the show about the typical fare of the nation, heavy in smoked and fermented items. Throughout the conversation, Judy highlights how Icelandic cuisine distinguishes itself from other nordic cuisine and how only in the last century Icelanders have started eating more and fresher fresh. A key to her initial trip to Iceland came about by way of cookbook author, Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir, who composed a great deal of traditional Icelandic recipes in English. After the break, Briana and Judy discuss the economic and political climate in Iceland and how the island has evolved as a travel and culinary destination. This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

"The chefs there have signed on with the new nordic cuisine movement, which is about sustainability, locality, and foraging." [4:30]

"It's been so amazing to see iceland blooming out of this major economic collapse that was so devastating." [22:00]

--Judy Haubert on Native

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