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First Aired - 07/29/2014 12:00PM
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Why would a school choose the geoduck as its mascot? Why would anybody sauté zucchini? How can beet preparation go wrong? What's the best way to prepare bone marrow? Find out on a brand new episode of Cooking Issues! Dave Arnold is in the studio and he's joined by Nils Noren on the phone to tackle your questions. From flavored oysters to mushroom texture - join in on the educational and entertaining ride we call Cooking Issues. This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

"Vegetables that are porous, you want fairly pre-densified before you sauté because otherwise they will absorb oil." [17:00]

"If I really want a piece of a equipment and I buy the lesser version of that piece of equipment, I'm never happy and always end up getting the good one in the end." [28:00]

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues

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When it comes to the United States seafood industry, there is perhaps no better thinker and writer than Paul Greenberg. He's this week's guest on What Doesn't Kill You, as host Katy Keiffer picks his brain on all things seafood related. From the salt marshes in Louisiana to the triangular trade of codfish, Paul touches on all corners of the domestic seafood industry and discusses the seriousness of the problems we face as a nation. Why is most of our seafood imported when we have such a bountiful supply? What does the future hold for our fish? Find out on a aquatic episode of What Doesn't Kill You. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"More than 85% of the seafood Americans eat is coming to us from abroad. Meanwhile, about 3 billion pounds of what we catch, which would be enough to satisfy the per capita demand in this country, is exported." [03:00]

"The United States controls more ocean than any country on earth, but how we came to control all that water was a political slight of hand." [12:00]

"Even after everything that's been thrown against it, Louisiana is still the largest seafood producer in the continental United States." [25:00]

--Paul Greenberg on What Doesn't Kill You

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This week on Arts & Seizures, Mike and Judy welcome Aaron Lefkove and Ethan Campbell of the Brooklyn-based, punk-rock band, LIVEFASTDIE. Notably, Aaron is also the owner of the Littleneck in Gowanus as well as its off-shoot, Littleneck Outpost, in Greenpoint. Promoting their recent release, Hit Stains, out on Almost Ready Records, the guys discuss their longstanding partnership, crazy tour stories and song inspirations, not to mention a few live tunes thrown in the mix. Mike and Judy also talk to Aaron about his newest endeavor, Littleneck Outpost, located in Greenpoint. The New England style clam shack is an off-shoot of Gowanus' Littleneck, featuring a grocery, sandwiches, and other delicious fare. The crew also weighs in on the great Yelp debate and how they deal with the infamous reviews. Tune in for a truly entertaining show and see if Mike persuades Aaron to create a new sandwich in his honor. This program was brought to you by Roberta's Pizza.

"Fortunately, I just opened this new restaurant - nobody's put up a Yelp page for us yet... let me enjoy this honeymoon period, please!" [18:57]

-- Aaron Lefkove on Arts & Seizures

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