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First Aired - 03/07/2012 04:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week on The Speakeasy, Damon sits and chats with James Menite of Don Q Rum. Learn how James went from a normal job to becoming one of New York City's premiere bartenders. Learn more about why James thinks rum is the next "breakout spirit" and how hospitality is more important than people think when it comes to bartending. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"If you make it as a bartender/mixologist in New York City, the world is your oyster."

"We're in a lucky business. People are winning cash prizes for bartending and traveling across the world. There's no other profession where you get that luxury."

"When cocktails are so expensive, people don't just want a drink they want an experience...[because of that], hospitality driven establishments are doing really well right now."

--bartender James Menite on The Speakeasy

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First Aired - 01/15/2012 12:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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On a special edition of The Main Course, Patrick Martins sits down with food titan Michel Nischan to celebrate his week as guest editor on Food Republic. Tune in to hear a spirited conversation about our food system and the various ways in which we can improve it. Should Wall-Mart be criticized or embraced for going green? How can subsidies be re purposed to promote local and fresh produce? Find out some of the sustainable companies and restaurants that inspire Michel and learn more about everything from Victory Gardens to the role shareholders play in sustainable food. This episode was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"A lot of subsidies that have been given to processed foods give the products an unfair price advantage which is why you can buy fast food much more inexpensively than fresh produce, which we should have 5 servings of a day."

"In 1949, at least half of the fresh food consumed in the United States came from victory gardens. Then it became more convenient to buy from supermarkets."

"The only way to get returns at the level shareholders expect is to drive down the cost of goods and labor."

"I'm not freaked out Wall Mart saying they want to go green. I'm cautious, but if they put 1-2 million dollars a year into food access issues and trying to make local more affordable you have keep an eye on it."

--Michel Nischan of Wholesome Wave on The Main Course

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First Aired - 11/14/2011 03:30PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Happy Nouveau Day! Tune into a wine-themed episode of Hot Grease as Niole tastes some on air with Yann Bourigault of Georges Duboeuf . Later she speaks with Kaves who designs the labels for the special Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau bottles. Find out why this wine is PERFECT for Thanksgiving! This episode was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

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