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For six-years Olivier De Schutter has been the United Nations Special Reporter on the right to food. This week he released his final report on the international food system, including recommendations on how to fix it.

By Briana Kurtz

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First Aired - 02/13/2014 10:00AM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Welcome Jacquie Berger and Allison Haven to with their new show, Just Food Stories. They are both very interested in and connected to hundreds of people who are creating alternatives to the corporate food system. Whether these people are Warriors (advocates, activists) Builders (entrepreneurs, non- profits) or Weavers (people working within the current system trying to make change) we would like the show to be about their individual stories. Every day, these people ARE changing the way we eat and helping to create a food system that is more just, more accessible, healthier and more sustainable. The idea behind the show is to capture people who are like-minded and then prompt them with human-interest stories into action. There will be everyone from policy makers to teachers and authors to community gardeners — people who are making healthful, sustainable food more accessible to all through their work and effort. On the pilot episode - hear from aquaponic farmer Barry Rothstein & Aeli Gonzalez Gladstein, who share their Just Food Stories. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA. Today's music provided by Takstar.

"The reality is that people want mangos in the winter. People want things out of season. But there are also people in New York City and other places who are interested in local production and eating seasonally." [29:00]

Aeli Gonzalez Gladstein on Just Food Stories

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First Aired - 03/08/2012 04:30PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Are you ready to retire? Find out on this week's episode of Flash Talks Cash with JoAnn Flash Fleming and Andrew Newman. Tune in as they discuss the different options you have when you're ready to leave the workforce and how you can best prepare for that moment. From IRA's to pensions, learn everything you need to know in order to avoid a life full of work. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"IRA's are a small way to save for a pension. It's better than nothing. It's important for young people to buy into the system."

"We live in NYC where the average city worker gets a pension after 20 years. They end up retiring after 42 years and up living another 40 years. They're looking to change that now."

"50% of Americans are nowhere close to retiring comfortably."

--JoAnn "Flash" Fleming on Flash Talks Cash

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