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First Aired - 02/12/2011 02:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Neysa King of Green Gate Farm in Austin TX.

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Tags:, Neysa King, Green Gate Farm, Austin TX, sunny sixty degrees and clear skies in Texas, Neysa is building a greenhouse, Neysa runs the farm with her husband, Neysa only pays for water and tractor use, its a big deal to learn on someone else's tractor, the startup cost for just a few plants and a couple of people can be huge so to have tools etc is great, Neysa was planning on a 1/4 acre, the seed costs for a quarter acre is over 300 dollars!, how much experience and how much money did Neysa have at the jump off?, Neysa interned on a farm 2 years ago in NY, eventually after another season Neysa got a job on a farm a year or so ago, falling in love then falling in love with farming, Neysa was doing a graduate program in history, Ryder Farms in Brewster, there are many people who leap from the non-profit world to the (slightly) for-profit farming world, applying what you know about non-profit to for-profit farming, grant hunting, what served Neysa well as she became a professional farmer instead of a volunteer?, knowing how to use the Internet is a big advantage, a lot of farmers don't know how to use the Internet as there aren't a lot of young farmers in Texas, finding and ordering and researching things online, older farmers learning the internet, interning before farming versus a career-switch farmer, figuring out your own personal farming style, farm dabling, seeing the myriad of ways different people approach problems, bringing your own personal values into your farm, Gardening In the Mail is a compendium of all mail order catalogs for rural areas, gardeners versus farmers and what companies are available to them, the 19th century phenomenon of getting a catalog in the mail for your equipment, some seed companies don't even take online orders, certain companies won't do business on Sundays or even take email orders, having to call someone on the phone,
Norton's Farm Supply in PA, Austin is a very young city and the economy has therefore flourished as there is a lot of ambition and drive, what does Austin mean to Neysa?, Austin is a special city when it comes to farming, creating a direct wholesale business model in Austin, chefs accomadating seasonal growing, there is more of a history of ranchers than farming in Texas, there is a small dedicated community of sub-35 farmers though not as much as elsewhere, NY compared to CA, opportunities for young people in farmers and related industries, its exciting to get together with other young farmers and hear their ideas, the challenges of farming, farming you have to learn by doing unlike learning to be an accountant or likewise, you have to search out internships that pay nothing, learning to farm is insecure, farming itself is insecure, most organic growers just don't hire many people, being stubborn is part of farming, if someone says i want to be a farmer those around them look at them like they're crazy, crazy people are more interesting anyway, Young Farmer Essay, Greehorns are not good at deadlines,

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