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pig white blood cells, the rat, these guys listen to the show, Wen-Jay, Coffee infused bread w/avacado, spaghetti squash spaghetti pizza base w/slim jim topping, avacado ice cream on a bed of slim jims w/coffee beans sprinkled on top and rutabaga mixed down as a syrup as a topping, Hagan, Sausage Bread, Slim Jim Bread is flour with crumbled slim jim rolled with eggwash and butter, slice the Slim Jims in half, will Slim Jims crumbled?, sausage considency, get the casing out, egg wash the bread roll up the Slim Jims and bake, fried rutabaga chips on top of spaghetti squash, get the essence of the rutabaga, use the rutabaga and avacado to make a sauce w/salt and pepper for the spaghetti squash, Matt loves Spaghetti Squash, coffee mousse, avacado and eggwhites with salt and sugar and milk whipped up for a coffee mousse, Williamsburg Macguyver Hangover Breakfast, walk of shame, Natural Gourmet Bodega, very interesting breakfast items, cup of coffee with sugar coated slim jim as the stirrer, silver latte milk mugs filled with eggs salt pepper mashed avacado and steam it in the coffee machine, garnished with fried spaghetti squash onion rings w/ simple side of slim jims, splash fried slim jims, flowered deep fried avacado slice for avacado fries for desert!, wheres the rutabaga?, bringing the rutabaga to the pot luck party in Williamsburg!, the desert was partying all night long, Wheel of Fortune,

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This week's Cutting the Curd is all about Mexican Cheese! Our hosts Anne Saxelby and Sophie Slesinger are joined in the studio by Carlos Yescas of the Guild Du Fromage and Lactography. Carlos is currently working with the government of Chiapas to help grant a collective trademark to cheese makers of queso de cuadro. Joining via phone is Catalina Rivera, an award winner for sheep's milk cheese in the World Cheese Awards. Also on the phone is José Trejo of Chiapas, maker of cincho, queso de cuadro, and cotija. Learn about markets for Mexican cheeses in the United States, and the best way to use some of these cheeses in your cooking. This program was brought to you by Fairway Market.

"We had to begin from the start. We didn't know anything about raising sheep, and we didn't know anything about making cheese." --Catalina Rivera on Cutting the Curd

"Support from the government is key to access to markets in the United States." -- José Trejo on Cutting the Curd

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First Aired - 01/18/2012 11:00AM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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Acclaimed essayist and writer Adam Gopnik of The New Yorker joins Mitchell Davis on an especially taste-themed episode of Taste Matters. They have conversations about how taste is so deeply rooted in morality in this country and how our palates are so closely linked to our culture and experiences. Hear why Elizabeth Pennell was such an important influence on Adam's latest book, The Table Comes First: Family, France and the Meaning of Food. Listen in as Mitchell and Adam discuss French cuisine, food eroticism, and modern day food reform movements. You don't want to miss this one! Sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"We are puritanically health obsessed in a way that other countries are not."

"The first function that a restaurant has is that it's a place of courtship....Built into eating out is an idea of sex."

"I am a deep skeptic of new-wave desserts."

--writer and essayist Adam Gopnik on Taste Matters

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