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First Aired - 08/05/2010 12:00PM Download MP3 (Full Episode)
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This week, author Kara Newman, author of "Spice and Ice", stops by to announce the second golden age of the cocktail. She and Linda wade through mixed drink mythology to discuss the first cocktail, the origin of household drink names,dilution, infusion, and the tiki aesthetic. The show heats up as they break out the sangritas and talk about adding spice to your drink and your evening. This show is brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

Photo: Spice & Ice by Kara Newman

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A Taste of the Past, Linda Pelaccio, Kara Newman, Hearst Ranch, cocktails, spirits, the bartender has become more like a celebrity chef, for better or worse, second golden age of cocktails, culinary and cocktail tourists, cocktail mythology, folk lore, hard to trace the roots of cocktails, the Martinez was supposedly the first cocktail, all the great Gin came from England, the Martini originated in America, Jerry Thomas, Kara is also a member of the Culinary Historians of New York, origins of drink names, The Museum of the American Cocktail, Tales of the Cocktail, Spice and Ice, published by Chronicle Books, Kara reviews cocktails and writes a column for The Wine Enthusiast, punch, 4 drinks at a tasting is ideal, dilution, some bartenders recommend that you try a whiskey straight then with ice and then with water,
margaritas are named after a woman, some stories are tall tales, drinks with spice!, chili, wassabi, people have been mixing spice with alcohol for quite some time!, there is a long history of this south of the border, rimming of the glass, Sangrita, traditionally from Mexico, it means bloody little thing, tiki culture, wonderful tacky element, it then became a bit too tacky, now it's back!, coconut and rum, brilliant combination, some people treat spice like an extreme sport, trying to find the hottest drink in the world, there are a lot of different ways to get flavor from chili into drinks, infusing, let the pepper sit in your spirit and let it infuse for an hour, jumbo cocktails at chain restaurants, Japanese bartending, petite drinks, sake, Little Market by Tad Carducci is Linda's cocktail of the summer, he made it at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, Astor Center, Spice: The Fennel Frontier, rimming glass in spicy peppers, work with powder, chipotle powder,

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