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This week on Eating Disorder, Spyro and Crazy Legs take on food at the movies. Welcoming guest Kevin Carr, host of the radio show Fat Guys at the Movies, to aid in the discussion, the guys delve right into movies where food is a predominant factor. From innocent rom-coms like Simply Irresistable to the darker Hannibal Lecter movies to the popular documentary Super Size Me, food seems to be at the epicenter of many films throughout the years. Tune in as the guys bring up some of their favorite food scenes, particularly in the infamous Pulp Fiction, and point out how food is elevated in some of our favorite, timeless films. This program was brought to you by Rolling Press.

"Starting in the 90s with Emeril and all the Food Network shows that everybody watches but nobody makes the food because the recipes never work... I think Hollywood wants to consider itself in the know and trendy." [33:53]

"I think Eat, Pray, Love would have been a better movie had it been a cannibal thing... Eat, Prey, Love." [35:53]

--Kevin Carr on Eating Disorder

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Alex Day is a legend in the world of cocktails. He's the co-owner of Death & Company (NYC), Honeycut (LA), Nitecap (NYC), King Eddy Saloon (LA), and The Rose & Pink Garter Theater (Jackson Hole, WY), as well as co-owner of Proprietors LLC. Day is a hospitality operator and consultant who works with restaurants, bars, and spirit companies in various capacities, ranging from full service beverage and hospitality programming to staff training, bar design, educational seminars, and general hospitality logistics. On this week's episode of In the Drink he chats with Joe Campanale about everything from molecular gastronomy to the surging trend of room-temperature cocktails. Tune in to get some serious beverage insight from a star in the world of drinks. This program was brought to you by Michter's.

"If you're doing a room temperature cocktail, you inevitably are playing with people's senses and their ability to drink it quicker than they otherwise would. A room temperature cocktail will treat your senses in a much different way." [5:30]

--Alex Day on In the Drink

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What does it take to make a chef a star? Tune in to this week's episode of All in the Industry to find out! Shari Bayer is joined by Michael Psaltis and Cameron Levkoff of CEA - The Culinary Entertainment Agency. Initially launched by Michael as The Culinary Cooperative in 2005, the agency was formed with a singular focus on the cooking and lifestyle markets. In 2012, together with Cameron the agency was re-branded as The Culinary Entertainment Agency, reflecting their intention to continue to expertly represent their clients' interests and help them navigate through the rapidly changing media world to develop their brands and achieve their goals. Find out what successful marketing looks like in 2014 and how food media has become bigger than ever. Today's program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"Restaurants are theater - the are live entrainment, stage shows... food is a means for that experience." [03:00]

"It's a misconception that publishing doesn't make people money." [15:00]

--Cameron Levkoff on All in the Industry

"Photographing food in the middle of meal is ruining our dining experience. on the flip side, the more and more people are talking about food and looking at it - the more opportunities there are for clients like ours. [36:00]

--Michael Psaltis on All in the Industry

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