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This week on Beer Sessions Jimmy hosts a special on traditional cask ale. First he goes on the road to speak to Rob Hodson of Union Beer Distributors, who showed an early interest in cask ale and gave it a big boost in NYC. Next "cask ale guy" Alex Hall (of Gotham Imbiber et al.) discussed the finicky specifics of serving and storing cask ale along with Joel Shelton of Shelton Brothers Imports. Finally Patrick Donagher of Rattle n Hum discussed his upcoming Get Real NY event along w/Chris Cuzme of NYC Craft Beer Week. German gravity or English Traditional? What's a CamRA? Tune in for this meeting of the minds to learn about this complex, storied ale. This episode was sponsored by
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Patrick Donagher, Rattle n Hum, Chris Cuzme, NYC Craft Beer Week, how did Gotham Imbiber start?,, no longer in print, Alex used to work at The Evening Star, the list of cask beer in NYC has grown tremendously since Gotham Imbiber started, started at 5 and now its at 53, Patrick Donagher is one of the leading retailers of cask in NYC, moving people from craft beer to cask beer, Blind Tiger, Cherry Tree, Wandering Star Brewering Company, Chris Post, New York City Craft Beer week is coming up, September 24th-October 3rd, one of the top events is the Get Real NY event that Patrick is hosting, cask and food festival,, Stone Brewery, Dr. Bill Sysak, Luke's Lobster, Lucy's Whey, New York City Brewers Choice, Garrett Oliver, voyage of the IPA, boat trip,

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