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This week on Cooking Issues Dave helps a listener fix a busted eBay purchase, laments America's obsession with white meat versus dark, questions the validity of rubbing cucumbers together to reduce bitterness, works with a caller to combine cola and espresso, suggests replacing tendons with meat glue, and finally discusses the potential to infuse drinks with tobacco. Don't miss another helpful, info-packed episode with HRN's mad scientist duo Dave and Nastassia. This episode was sponsored by Whole Foods Market.

Photo: Tobacco infused whiskey

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email question, seafood sausages with ginger, ginger/egg reaction, it may not be the egg white that reacts with the ginger but the meat, protease enzyme, pre cook the ginger, Ginger Milk Curd, lobsters in tanks feed off their own flesh, if you feed lobsters it will increase waste in the tank, they can survive a long time, eutectic point, the old cucumber trick, kitchen wisdom, if you rub the ends of a cucumber together the bitterness will go away, wild cucumbers are bitter, Dave doesn't think this makes sense, espresso drink with coca cola, foam problem, emulsified oils, carbonated coffee beverages with nitrus, Manhattan Soda, Nils Noren, using a dog brush to create holes in a duck breast,

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