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This week on The Main Course Patrick and Katy sat down with Marion Nestle: activist, professor, and author of "What to Eat", "Safe Food", and "Food Politics". Joining the conversation was Joan Dye Gussow, another world-renowned activist in the academic and government sectors as well as the author of "This Organic Life". Together Nestle and Dye Gussow constitute an amazing meeting of the minds when it comes to championing all things sustainable, and affecting change in broken food and distribution systems, failed academic institutions, and obsolete ideas. The gang discussed food politics at large, the sticky situation of labeling food, and how to make the public see that public health is attached to domestic food policy. This episode was sponsored by

Photo 1: Marion Nestle, Photo 2: Joan Dye Gussow

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Joan Dye Gussow, Growing, Older: A Chronicle of Death, Life, and Vegetables, Marion Nestle, Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University, Feed Your Pet Right, Safe Food: The Politics of Food Safety, Marion is working on a book about Calories, what have the biggest changes in food been over the past few decades?, you can get food now!, 20 years ago you couldn't find good food, the quality of food has gotten better, there's always been junk food, there were no supermarkets before World War II, food philosophy, production vs distribution, marketing, high fructose corn syrup, soda tax is a very progressive idea, developments yet to come, income equity needs to change, environmental issues, symptoms of sickness in our culture, Fiji Water, delusions of being green,
progressive agriculture in Rhode Island, Rhody Fresh, dairy cooperative, tourism model, Carlo Petrini's legacy is his university, Patrick wants his legacy to be better the animal welfare situation in our country, UCSF, nutrition department, Joan told a story about seeing mushrooms from Missouri and other items from foreign places in Hawaii, this story changed Marion's life, Joan wants her legacy to be as a truth teller, Joan's new book, Growing, Older, dealing with the death of a partner, Marion's legacy will be food studies, from concept to state approval in 9 months, she founded the food studies department, K. Dun Gifford, Mediterranean diet issues, food systems, food & culture, food history, Amy Bentley, food historian from Colorado, what's the takeaway of the NYU food studies program?, you learn how to read write and think food, there are now many food studies programs, what role will academia play in making change?, Joan thinks very little, Cornell Bread, in World War II Clive McCay invented a health food bread, it's hard to say what you think until you have tenure, social movements, you can never tell what the causes or consequences are, collectively the food movement is focused on producing a system better for the environment and our health, terribly fragmented right now, get students to think critically about the world they are in, make the world a better place, food advocacy, book recommendations:, Omnivore's Dilemma, Food Rules, In Defense of Food, all of Marion and Joan's work, sweet potatoes,

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