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Are Dave's classes really worth taking? Are Heritage turkeys really that good? Is it possible to infuse alcohol with Dr. Pepper? These are some of the questions that Dave and Nastassia fielded this week on Cooking Issues. Tune in to hear Dave's hilarious Thanksgiving story involving a smoke filled house, and find out what Twist n Sparkle is good for. This episode was generously sponsored by 360 Cookware. For more information visit

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whipped cream ISI, thermal whip, flavored alcohol, alcohol infused fruit, use nitrous, vacuum gets a stronger infusion into the pineapple, sous vide supreme?, is it as accurate as an immersion circulator, non stirred water baths have limits of accuracy, caller question, illegally distilling alcohol, Dr. Pepper infusion, neutral grain spirit, Dr. Pepper syrup, clarifying Dr. Pepper, distillation with aroma components, white prunes, dried fruit flavor, Dave's favorite Simpsons episode?, diet sodas as hydration, never let a sugar soda drinker buy soda for a party, table top vacuum sealer, entry level price for a real vacuum machine is high, Twist n Sparkle, carbonation unit, why not used for savory things like sauce?, could make things taste fermented, keep it cold, make sure it tastes good,

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