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This week, on 2010's final Burning Down the House, Curtis sits down with two talented architects who also happen to be dedicated musicians: Jacob Alspector and Nick Agneta. Learn the obvious and not-so-obvious relationships between music, music theory, and the process of designing and building structures. The trio discuss the idea of the "addition" and its equivalent in music, plus some famous designers and their musical counterparts (is Frank Gehry the Keith Richards or Iggy Pop of architecture?). This episode was sponsored by Tekserve and their E-Waste Recycling Project.
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Tekserve, E-waste Disposal Events,, 22nd December, Gerta, Architecture as, Nick Agnetta, Jacob Alspector, Music and Architecture, Holiday Music, MIDI, 3/4 time superimposed over 4/4 time, the cultural arts center in Marian County, each tier of arch was a different sequence and nothing lines up, slide rule with different scales, Pythagorean was a musician AND a mathematician, tuning with an iPhone, they're all professors!, architect musicians are rather rare, Professor Knox, Urban Design, Urban Design has been co-opted by the landscape architects, landscape architects seem to have the attention of the public and the funders, this episode is a bit less structured than usual, Robert Moses's Cross-Town Expressway, there are proportions in chord formations that have a lot to do with geometry and the formation of facade, the demise of the facade, buildings that have no designed facade, the Pythagorean relationship of proportions carries over into chord formations, the tonic the third the fifth and the octave, Fibonacci Sequence, the physics of Western music and the physics of STUFF, Dorian Mode, Year of the Locust, making the sound of locusts with a mandolin, the overtone series, cross frequency overlaps, the harmonic series, mandolin as locust, frozen, music,
breaking the mold, you can't have riffs without an underlying structure, the Frank Gehry building on 18th Street (IAC Building), riff WITHOUT structure, 'playing against', Jean Nouvelle, this is NOT Charlie Rose, 'architecture and music will combine in the process', choosing (or not committing) to either architecture or music, an online architect forum, architecture as a spontaneous activity, improvising, Vitruvius wrote about his father playing Beethoven on the piano at night, music is very much a physical activity while architecture is not, the physicality of the built world, the depth of making architecture is far more demanding than the depth of making music, the manipulation of the physical environment, Mozarts or Keith Richards?, is Frank Gehry the Keith Richards or Iggy Pop of architecture?,

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