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The Old Jail (11:24)
how much of what is taught involves historic Charleston, the Jail of Charleston, the school's founder decided on the jail in 1998, the building is right in the center of Charleston, it cost three dollars in 1998, it will probably cost ten million dollars to restore, The Old Jail, the jail is one of the most haunted buildings in America, the jail allows practical work and not just model making, a lot of students are restoring the actual building, the Earthquake of '68, the jail lost an entire story in the earthquake, it was used as a jail until 1939, what is the highest compliment that can be given to a craftsmen?, teaching the traditional AND the contemporary, the challenge and character of a jail, no square rooms in the octagon, pie shaped rooms, the Jailer's Quarters, learning about the building online,
insulating the Old Jail, the walls are 3 foot thick, air conditioning the Old Jail, the cell blocks don't have many modern conveniences, taking the floors out, displacement of masonry is a very ugly thing, Simeon's accent, Stone Carving College, Lincoln Cathedral, Simeon's personal history, the character of Charleston, Mayor Riley, the preservation community, craftsmen are simply people who know how to work materials, whether you're using high-tech or low-tech you are a craftsmen, how to make a flat surface with a mallet and chisel, wrought iron versus casting, ornamental iron work, time management and using the right tools, powered press and stamping machines, coal forges and an anvil, learning with power tools BEFORE hand tools can make learning the latter much more difficult, the reoccurring theme of the need to learn how to draw on paper, enhancing knowledge, you can't always do what's done in the workshop in a classroom,

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