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Patrick Martins & Katy Keiffer start the Main Course off on an excellent note for 2011 with the world-renowned food writer and author Florence Fabricant. Florence needs no introduction to those who know anything about the culinary scene in New York City. She is the author of 11 cookbooks and has been writing for the New York Times for almost 40 years. Tune in and eavesdrop on a very special conversation on past, present and future trends in the food world. Also on the show, Sam Edwards, Marissa Guggiana, Laura Martin, Brady Lowe and Steve Pope. This episode was sponsored by our good friends at Cain Vineyard & Winery. For more information visit

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Florence writes Food Stuff and Off the Menu, she contributes to Diners Journal, she gets swamped with mail and food items, 20 years ago a new mustard would be exciting, nobody knew about the virginity of olive oil 30 years ago, article in 1977 about goat cheese, wasn't very popular, the market is flooded now, Florence would quit right now if she didn't think new and exciting things were happening all around, some young adults are taking etiquette courses, Dear FloFab, table manners, setting the table, cloth napkins, trend towards examining the socialization of eating and dining, there's a spillover to the restaurants, it's thanks to chefs that we have arugula in the supermarket, chefs seek out ingredients and bring them to the mainstream, chef driven trends, eating out is no longer a dichotomy between very cheap and very expensive, Chicago is a better place for Avant-garde food, Las Vegas cuisine, Julian Serrano, Michael Mina, Charlie Trotter, New York Times as an institution, most blogs are not edited and vetted, people don't realize that most information online has not been fact checked, food television is less of a teaching tool and more of a sport now,
restaurant trends are a pendulum swing, Hurricane Club, throwback tiki lounge, Colicchio And Sons, Roberta's, did not buy materials from high end suppliers, they just got their full liquor license, people are reexamining what sorts of foods people ate centuries ago, a return to roots, sous vide trend, slow cooking, no brainier entertaining, duck magret recipe from Florence, meatballs and mac and cheese from scratch, fast food vs slow food, The Meatball Shop, Daniel Holzman, improving the quality of fast food, butchering trend, regional food and elitism, bringing home economics back into the public schools, teaching kids how to cook, TV dinners, German food is coming back, nose to tail eating movement, Eastern European food traditions, old New York food institutions, Patricia Fabricant, www.patriciafabricant,, cookbook design, Elizabeth David, Jean Hewitt, Craig Claiborne, recipe measurements,

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