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On the innaugral episode of The Speakeasy, Damon Boelte overcomes a brief power outage in the studio and chats with friend & colleague Brian Miller, formerly of Death & Company. Brian explains how he went from a food runner as a fresh New York transplant to becoming one of the best bartenders the city has to offer. Later in the show, Damon & Brian discuss Tiki cocktail culture and history and how under appreciated these fruity rum based drinks are these days. Tune in and learn more about cocktail culture in New York City. This episode was brought to you by Tekserve's E-Waste events. For more information visit

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Death & Company has been Brian's best experience behind a bar, Phil Ward, Joaquin Simo, changing the cocktail world one day at a time, Imbibe magazine, good cocktails to make with real moonshine, A Classic Old Fashioned, let the moonshine shine!, you might want to dilute it a little bit, Tiki culture, Tiki drinks, people are just starting to regain respect for these drinks, what one rum can't do three can, The Zombie is one of the more complex drinks out there, pairing Indian food with Tiki drinks, Sippin Safari, it can be intimidating to make a tiki cocktail, Painkiller, The Black Pearl, tiki was the last original cocktail movement in the United States, origin of cocktails, 19th century, Trader Vic, Robert Vermeire, some people think advanced cocktails are too difficult to make, Queens Park Swizzle, Milk & Honey, Martin Cate, Beachbum Berry, modern recipes, Europe is so much farther ahead in Tiki culture than the US, Negroni with rum, The Kingston Negroni, The East India Trading Company, Harry Johnson, just because you can make great drinks doesn't mean you can be a good bar owner, active service in bartending,

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