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Dave successfully fights through the slush to host yet another informative and entertaining episode of Cooking Issues. He discusses the difference between different types of gelatin, previews his 3D food printing segment with CNN, debuts the idea of his food museum, explains why he will have to postpone his week of raw food, and tells a hilarious story involving Martha Stewart and a used rotary evaporator. This episode was sponsored by The Barterhouse. Learn more about their wines at

Dave's rotary evaporator on the set of Martha Stewart Living

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gelatin, what's the difference between types?, rated on bloom strength, old school industrial measurements, gelatin clarification, also used as a whipping agent and emulsifier, collagen and connective tissue, collagen is a triple helix, braised products, sheet gel, powder gelatin, there is no inherent difference between the two, there is a major difference between fish and pig or cow gelatin, cold water fish make bad gelatin, Fab@Home, 3D Printer, syringe that you fill with paste, CNN Money, will be filming with Dave at the school, the idea that somebody you can go home and print your meals, horrible horrible idea, you'd have to grind ingredients into paste and mold it into something and call it a meal, the wizard icing printing machine, Dave hates flip flops, massa dough, print a spongy matte like surface, then fry it, extruded puffed snacky, 3D printing is inherently a prototype at this point, Cooking Issues, Heritage Radio Network, Dave Arnold, Nastassia Lopez,
The Food Museum, if you want to learn about food you need to see feel and taste it, Jeffrey Steingarten, people write about food but don't eat enough, Patrick Martins, there will be a fundraiser on March 27th held at Del Posto, Mark Ladner, if you want to attend - email, Dave will be making cocktails, raw food challenge, Dave is not a welcher!, he has to fly to Boca Raton during the week he was supposed to eat only raw food, the event involves cooking, he can't serve food that he doesn't taste, therefore he will have to choose another week, raw food enzymes, Mung bean sprouts, Oat Groats, lentils, black eyed peas, you shouldn't eat all of these raw, wheat berries, rejuvelac, sprouts, nut cheeses, it takes a lot of work to eat only raw food, who has this level of time?, pea chutes, Dave hates raw starchy flavors,

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