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This week on A Taste of the Past, Linda explores the history of the modern kitchen. Joined by food journalist and culinary historian Meryle Evans, Linda tells the story of the kitchen from its basement beginnings to its growth into a "perfect work triangle". Tune in and hear the stories behind some of the most commonly used and overlooked kitchen tools such as Tupperware, Chemex & ice cream scoops. This episode was sponsored by Route 11 / Tabard Inn. For more information visit

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Linda Pelaccio, A Taste of the Past, Heritage Radio Network, kitchens, what do they mean to us?, Counter Space: Design & The Modern Kitchen, Museum of Modern Art, runs until May 2nd, the kitchen at the turn of the century, kitchen was not a very visible place to be, sometimes dark and hidden, not much thought given to design, no modern appliances, Catharine Esther Beecher, Home Economics movement, Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards, The Frankfurt Kitchen, originated by woman / architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, earliest work by a female architect in the exhibit, the perfect work triangle, early tea kettle designs, electricity and gas, fire by coal, Tupperware, Chemex, people turned away from brewed coffee in the 60's and went to drip coffee, Meryle Evans,
Evolution of the modern kitchen, stainless steel, dishwashers, sustainability push, Victory Gardens, things move in cycles, pressure cooker, first one looks like a battleship, old films on kitchens, Mixmaster, looks the same as they are today, KitchenAid, many things have stood the test of time, American housewife as a nutritionist, designed on the ideal model of a woman, men and women have gotten taller and taller, counter tops are higher today than they used to be, Hoosier cabinet, late 19th century, all in one workstation, ice cream scoop from 1940, egg slicer, sugar cubes were invented in 1872, square bottom paper bag patented in 1869, inventiveness of industrial designers, roast holders, cake slicer, Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales University,

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