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Today on Cooking Issues, Dave is on time and has plenty of callers to answer to. Listen as he talks about his opinions on raw milk legislation, sauce making techniques, storing oil and cooking pizza in a home oven. Tune in and walk away knowing more than you did before the show, including why you should never refrigerate your cheese! This episode was sponsored by Tabard Inn / Route 11. For more information visit

Dave's nightmare

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Cooking Issues, Tabard Inn, Dave Arnold, Nastassia Lopez, what to do with the 3D printer?, food applications for the printer, Fab at Home, Jeffrey Lipton, masa dough, nothing worse in the world than making meals by pressing a button, read for more information on that issue, cheese tempering, don't put your cheese in the refrigerator!, mozzarella will be okay in a cool spot for the whole day, some people feel cheese should be served cooler, wine cooler temperature, cut the cheese up into slices before hand and layer it with plastic wrap, put your tap water up to 80 degrees, put your cheese in a ziplock bag, immerse it under water, Richard Blais pizza cooking on TV, will 900 degrees ruin your oven?, cooking with coal, don't cook with coal inside unless you ventilate well, don't use Kingsford briquettes in your oven,
what gets ruined when you refrigerate food?, fresh cured meat is much different than refrigerated cured meat, most refrigerators have horrible aromas, why do we use salt to melt ice on the roads?, we dump salt on ice to keep it cold in the kitchen, water can be in more states of disorder with salt, entropy, when you add salt to ice you are making it so that everything wants to freeze at a lower temperature, in order for the ice to melt into salt water you need heat, salt makes ice colder and will melt easier, Mark Twain, American foods that no longer exist, recreating dishes from the 1800's, raw milk debate, Dave has had some incredible raw milk, raw milk has to be bought directly from the farm, the laws surrounding raw milk are ridiculous, raw milk cheeses, bacteria is good in milk, protects it against certain pathogens, there should just be a warning label on raw milk products,
Sauce & Oil (12:34)
healthy sauce to cook with chicken or fish, changing your sauce repertoire, James Peterson, Sauces, making sauce in advance, pan sauce, deglazing, choose a taste flavor you like, base spices, if tomato is your only base to start there is only so much you can do, get emulsified sauce, fast hollandaise, pick a sauce family and work with it from there, frying herbs before adding the sauce, releasing aromas, Dave never pre cooks green herbs, make sure you don't scorch the garlic, good blenders are a sauce makers friend, wedding registration, where can you register for a VitaPrep?, ditch the China and get good pots and pans, get an immersion circulator, get some decent knives, is it worth keeping oil after making fried chicken, oxidation is an enemy of oil, fresh oil isn't the best, professional fry oil, has antioxidants, let it cool down when storing and filter it through a strainer, store it outside of the light, dark cool place,

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