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Prop stylist Francine Matalon-Degni’s “Trends in Food Photography” piece in Gastronomica Summer 2010 V10 N3 spans the last few decades, touching on the political climate and how it effects the societal aesthetic. We’ll be joined in the studio by Francine herself, as well as food stylist Rick Ellis and food photographer Beth Galton. This episode was sponsored by Tabard Inn / Route 11. For more information visit

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correlating food photography with politics, Obama administration, people were propping with yellow, color of hope and optimism, December cover of Bon Appetit, shooting cereal in white bowls, not all bowls will work, different materials and thicknesses all make a difference in marketing, blue white is different than yellow white, advertisers are trying to look more editorial, good parts make great photos, when it all fails go back to the white plate, Rick couldn't do his job without tweezers, q tips help too, age old tools, beautiful plates of food doesn't always photograph well, prop styling, compare what the McDonalds look like in ads now than it used to, interesting textures and color, birds eye shots, FDA regulations on food styling?, misrepresentation is not allowed, no specific laws on what you can do, the days of falseness are done,

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