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Today on Beer Sessions Jimmy sits down with Dave Brodrick, Jen Schwertman, and experimental home brewer Brett Thompson to discuss the tastes, fads, and possibilities of infused beers. Home brewer Brett Thompson plays with bourbon barrels, hops, and vanilla flavors to bring his beers to the next level. The team discusses the ins and outs of such methods and their geographical movements of such techniques from the west coast to the east.

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Hoppy Beers (11:22)
Tags:, Cascade Kriek, Portland Oregon, Barrel Aged Beers, this beer is really really tart and sour, Jolly Pumpkins, Russian Rivers, It's a hard ale, Barrel aging has mellowed it out, Cherry tend to be a tarter flavor, This is a whole new beer for us, They've been making sour beer in Belgium for so long, West Coast breweres have come in for sours, Cantillon beer, All beer used to be sour, No pitching of yeast, you didn't have refrigeration and sanitation like we do now with beers, Beer used to be an accident, Fermentation, Alchemy, Sixpoint beer, New York Harbor Beer Company, How do I test different hops, The explosion of hops last for years, There are different characteristics of hops, There are floral hops, keep drinking and take notes, Organized Drinking, Founders Beers, Double Trouble, Red's Rye, Founders Porter, research beer online,, d.b.a, Blind Tiger, Jimmy's No. 43, Brown Ale, Dry Hop, add hop after brewing, American style ales, CO2 volume higher than Porter, how do you regulate home brewed beers?, Add cane sugar into bottle to control yeast and hop, force carbonation, Red Ale, Home Brew Alley Competition this Sunday, February 26th Brooklyn, Pony Bar East coast vs West Coast, Circus Sideshow,

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